Forum Upgrade - December 2010

Started by Buzz Killington, December 12, 2010, 04:57:52 PM

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Buzz Killington

Hi everyone,

I've just upgraded our forum to run on the latest version of the software. You'll notice a few changes around the place, and I'll be doing a bit of cleanup work over the next few days to fix up a few things that didn't carry over.

The chat plugin has again not been updated to work with the newest forum software - based on last time it could be a little while before it comes back. In the meantime I have decided to trial a different chat feature which works similar to that you would find on Facebook. Choose who you would like to chat with in the bottom left of your screen, whilst the bottom right features several icons - one to take you to the Forum homepage, one to send a PM, and buttons to post a link to whatever page you are on to your MySpace, Twitter or Facebook pages.

Speaking of Facebook - each thread now comes with a "Like" button in the first post, so you can post stuff back to your Facebook wall nice and easily. Nifty!

All users now have the ability to host their own blog or simply view and comment on other members' blogs. The Blog link is up the top of your page.

Over the summer I hope to add a few cool new features across the site, more on those as they eventuate.

Buzz Killington

Important Note for the Chat..

The new chat allows members to chat only to those members who have added each other as 'Buddies' (think of it as only being able to chat to your friends on Facebook).

To add a member as a buddy, visit their profile and use the link under their avatar.

Bus 400

Just to make you aware, the Tapatalk App has a message that this forum is temporarily closed.

Also  could the software upgrade be the reason why 278 members visited this forum at 2am this morning?

Buzz Killington

Nope, update was this arvo. From what I can tell the extra hits came from Neilsen Media Research, funnily enough.

Tapatalk is all set, just tested it on my phone.


I am quite enjoying the facebook integration, for a while now I have been wanting a like button and here it is.