Japan Earthquake

Started by Barry Drive, March 12, 2011, 01:44:39 AM

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Barry Drive

Just in case anyone has not seen this on Facebook - Sir Pompously and his travelling companions Leigh and Toxana are safe from events in Japan although their travel plans have been disrupted due to train services being suspended.

Sir Pompously

Yeah all god over here. Some shakes every now and then, we finally got to Tokyo via the Shinkansen from Nagano (As we were on a Day trip to the mountains), which was the only service operating on the JR East Network for the Shinkansen. We were on a Shinkansen pulling into a station when the quake happened, so we were stuck in a town called Saku. I have a story on Facebook, those who I have listed as friends (And friends of friends) should be able to read it!

Buzz Killington

Those with a copy of today's Canberra Times may spot the story of a certain "train buff"..

Sir Pompously

Yeah I had just come off three flights home and looked atrocious! But hell, I am in the news!


like the model train aswell.