Sign Madness

Started by Bus 400, September 14, 2011, 09:20:39 PM

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Bus 400

On the weekend (as most should know by now) I went for a wonder & along the way I spotted a few weird & wonderful signs, here they are.....

An information sign about the Albert Hall featuring an early bus (of sorts).

The Floriade bus stop blade out a week early. It would be interesting to see a bollard with this sort of design.

Just to make sure every knows who the shelter is for! It is actually to let pedestrians know of the footpath works & closure ahead.

The 2 un-used stops on Queen Victoria Terrace. The 39 once served these stops when it use to start at the Railway Station & terminate at the Watson Termnus (With the 39 being the run I started my enthusiasm for ACTION).

Where's Worksafe ACT on this?

One old school information sign, what's wrong with this?

This is the northbound Blue Rapid stop out the front of Albert Hall. Being the day of the Canberra Times fun run, what's missing? I do mean something telling people only Routes 932,938 & 980 will service this stop.

What's wrong here?

Since when do passengers board through the drivers window?

As you can now guess these aren't in an order, woopsie daisy.