End of an era; dawn of another.

Started by Jack Bauer, December 04, 2007, 01:03:56 PM

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Jack Bauer

FOR my first post on the new joint venture forum -- which has been put together well I might add; well done to Mike and Ryan -- I'd just like to express my anger, frustration, and pure hatred towards the previously solid and reliable American web host Jconserv. We can only assume that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are as puzzled as us right now!

Puzzled, infact, is an extremely light hearted word to use in this case, for thousands of in-depth and quality posts from over 20 valid members of our enthusiest community have been lost, most likely forever. And that includes videos, photos, and other irreplaceable facets of the forum that quite possibly may never surface again (hopefully nearly all multimedia parts were stored elsewhere as well).

I hate to sound bitchy, or even appear like a wuss -- but these things must be said before things move on.

The Canberra Transport Forum was fast developing into a powerhouse -- not only becoming a fantastic source of information for the present, but also for the future. It is now loss.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thankyou all for your previous contributions to the Canberra Transport Forum, and I hope that this venture -- the aptly titled ACT Transport Forum -- does just as well.


At least Bur.st which you are using now is a reputable host - I have had an account on them for about 3 years and they have always been good!


Well said Matthew, and I am equally annoyed with the poor service from Jconserv. They should have at least had the decency to allow us to transfer the forums over to another host, and provided us with an explanation.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the members of CTF, and to the excellent team we had, and we continue to have on here - Matthew, Ryan and John. :)


Yes, I too would like to bitch about jconserv.

Back when i was at school me and john would use a forum i set up to chat whilst we were at school, as PMing on ATDB didnt work well and filled up our inboxes, it was good to chat, many priceless things said and fun and bad times had, now all gone one assumes.

I actually suggested the idea to Ryan on thursday that, I don't think CTF will be back, perhaps we should set up some new forum to get the local conversation going again, and luckily while I was off on my holidays for my birthday over the weekend, Ryan and Michael put together a great new forum.

Im really hoping this does well. It seems to be good software, and most problems I've had have been easily fixed, and I'm looking foward to the hopefull success of this forum and the return to in depth conversation we locals all seem to have. It should be good once we all join back up again and I look foward to chatting away again very soon.


Can the public view discussions on this forum or do you need to be logged in to read?


I don't think they can read everything, only certain things such as info and news and admin etc.

Who cares anyway.

Buzz Killington

Guests to the board can only read the "Infoline" forum.

The best thing about this new joint venture forum is that we have fantastic board software, which is ad-free and much faster than jconserv. Burst is a fantastic server and in the two or so years they have hosted ACT BUS we have only good things to say about them.

But yeah.. its shit that we lost all the posts on CTF but luckily, we have the option of backing up this forum, so the administrators will discuss how reguarly we do that and should the worst happen again (not bloody likely) we can easily install the software on another server and run the backup!


How about setting the main forum time to Canberra time rather than Perth time which is where bur.st is?

By the way, I think it's only been a bit over 1 year since ACTBUS has been on bur.st, as I remember recommending them to Busnerd.


Just type +2 into your time thingy in your profile and it comes up fine.