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Started by smitho, November 19, 2013, 07:59:05 PM

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Former metal green shelter from Gungahlin Town Centre has now been relocated to the Cotter Road as part of the Molonglo P&R project; it adjoins the new bike lock up.

It looks a bit strange sitting out there in splendid isolation, but design wise, it's a great improvement on the Soviet-style Adshels popping up around Canberra.


Molonglo Park and Ride is now incorprated into both the MyWay and Nxtbus systems...only 729 Xpresso is currently serving the new stops.


This new Park and Ride was scheduled to be opened today by TAMS Minister, Shane Rattenbury. (It will be open to passengers from Thursday 20th Feb).

ACT Government is now referring to it as the "Cotter Road Park and Ride"...makes sense as it straddles Molonglo and Weston Creek.

Sir Pompously

Here are some images of the Park and Ride on Cotter Road. There are some new directional signs (same as the old ones but with the new logo), the car park is a little small and is all very open to the elements. There are no signs at the car park itself, landscaping is a bit meh (might not be finished, some tress would be nice though), there is no shelter to and from the car park, the stop on the other side of the road requires you to cross the road twice to get back to the car park and no posters or timetables regarding routes (not much point at the moment though). It would also be good to see ACTION getting into Kiss and Ride facilities at Park and Ride areas. Other than that it looks nice and should hopefully be more practical when more routes are running past. Would also be great to see a busway network to make Park and Rides a better option for commuters, however that is just a dream that I don't think will ever see reality.

Barry Drive

Thank you, Sir P. Photo now used in ACT Bus Media Release article instead of the TAMS photo.


The "Bicycle" on the roof of the bike storage shed is a fairly common identifier of bike and ride stops in some European countries and (as I recall) in Perth, WA.