Archives find of the month: Talking Toadstools

Started by Sir Pompously, September 04, 2012, 07:18:55 PM

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Sir Pompously

An interesting find by ArchivesACT is this series of documents relating to the "Talking Toadstools" that were installed in the 1970's, cost 20cents to use and provided visitors with recorded information that lasted for about 10 minutes. I have always wondered what those rusty units were actually for, and seeing as though I have never seen one actually in use (Would have stopped well before my time) it is good to know what those weird mushroom shaped devices were actually used for!

I know the one on City Hill (Vernon Circle) still exists as it is documented on the Archives site and visible on Street View, however I am unsure if any of the others are still around. I have memories of them being elsewhere but over the years I am sure they would have been removed.