Erindale Bus Station

Started by Barry Drive, August 14, 2013, 11:58:04 AM

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Barry Drive

The development application for the Erindale Bus Station is now open for comment. View here.

Plans include remodelled Bus Stops on Comrie St (3 bus bays each side, removal of sawtooth platforms, install large Adshel shelters and bike rack), bus layover with driver's facilities and Park & Ride car park on Ricardo St.

Bus 400

A tender has been released for this project, I'll provide more information when it becomes available.

Sir Pompously

Looks like I missed looking this over in August. Seems a little strange to have the park and ride so far away from the actual bus stops. You want to encourage people to use the park and ride facilities by having them close to the proper facilities, not make them walk a distance to get to them! I also don't think placing the term "station" on every upgraded stop is really the way to go. A bus station is more of a focal point for buses and usually provides facilities that make it act as a station, segregation from other road traffic, proper shelter, more advanced information and better access make a bus station, this is merely an upgraded stop. A look at Brisbane's bus stations show what a bus station should really be and this is most certainly not what we are getting here in Canberra. I also wonder if Network 2014 or the following will provide us with some Erindale terminators seeing as though there will be a layover constructed!

Bus 400

Fencing off has started for work to begin at the intersection of McBryde Crescent & Comrie Street.


The driver toilets on Comrie St certainly warrant replacement and the addition of an amenities room.