Bus stops at LifeUC church on Lhotsly St, Charnwood

Started by aidenh37, May 20, 2014, 09:55:12 AM

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These are my local stops. There is no path connecting the northbound stop with the other side - without getting wet or stepping in mud on rainy days. I have to trudge through the muddy grass to the drain then cross to the other side drain, then jump on to the path!

Bus 400

As a part of making bus stops safe for people with disabilities. Numerous stops have been altered to fix things like this. An example of this is a stop in Mitchell that was recently fixed, with a new footpath being built in the median strip connecting two bus stops on Hoskins Street (the stops near the cement place for those playing at home).

Buzz Killington

If it's posing a real issue, log a job with Fix My Street. It might not be something that gets sorted right away, but at least they'll be aware of it.