Shirtfront Abbott loses trousers

Started by smitho, October 17, 2014, 10:40:44 AM

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With the continuing uncertainty over who was responsible for the shooting down of the MAS aeroplane over the Ukraine, it is not surprising that P.M. Abbott's comments about "shirt fronting President Putin" when he is at the G20 meeting in Queensland have sparked an angry response on the Russian online news site "Pravda".

'I would advise Russia's President Vladimir Putin to wash his hands carefully and sterilize them after shaking the paw offered to him by Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the forthcoming G20 Summit in Brisbane,' a Pravda columnist says.

'When Australia isn't busy crawling around the legs of its colonial master, England or trying to crawl up the anatomy of London's master, Washington, participating in their wars to pick up a few crumbs thrown Canberra's way, its politicians are busy kowtowing to Europe and the USA making stupid and unfounded remarks about Russia,' the opinion column continues.

Mr Abbott saying Russia needed to co-operate on the plane disaster was another example of 'crass stupidity', the column says.

'The answer to that bulls*** is that the atrocity happened on Ukrainian soil and it is not yet clear whether the aircraft was downed by a missile possibly fired from a position behind rebel lines, possibly not, possibly fired by rebels.'