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Started by Barry Drive, April 06, 2015, 12:34:30 PM

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Barry Drive

I've made a few significant changes to Fleetwiki today:

Firstly, there is now a Fleet Summary from 1983. This has been based off the L J Pascoe book. It uses the same format as the current summary.

Further historic fleet summaries will be added as time and motivation allows.

Secondly, I've made a few alterations to the Current Fleet Summary. It now includes the Historic Fleet and the Current fleet totals have been expanded to show sub-totals by vehicle type. Now you can easily see that (for example) 10.9% of the buses at Tuggeranong are artics.

Feedback is appreciated, such as suggestions for improvements to layout or any additional information that can be presented.

Buzz Killington

As my contribution, I've fixed the mobile homepage for the Fleetwiki, which had been blanking out on us recently.

The mobile homepage is intended to be a cut-down version of the full homepage, but feedback is welcomed on what you'd like to see covered there. Of course, you can still select 'Desktop' view at the bottom of any page.

Barry Drive

1973 Fleet Summary now also available. Depot breakdown is not available, so format is slightly different.

Barry Drive

Another change to the Wiki layout - Current AOA List is now its own page and the thumbnail photos are gone.

This should make the Fleet List page quicker to load and reduce the size of the page data. I will gradually update each AOA bus article to ensure the thumbnail photo is of the AOA. When the AOA is removed, the photo can revert to the former image.

I've also loaded new badges for the Wheelchair and Bike rack symbols. (Although I'm not happy with the new bike rack badge and may change it again.)