ACT Budget 2015-16

Started by Barry Drive, June 04, 2015, 11:56:50 AM

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Barry Drive

Not a lot for ACTION in this year's budget.

The Government has committed to fund the community transport / flexible transport service for the next year and Nightrider for the next two years; ACTION will receive an additional $17.2m to meet increased costs. However, longer-term funding will be subject to the development of the Transport Reform Strategy.

Capital initiatives:
$1.81m to purchase and install the latest version of HASTUS

Capital upgrades:
$2.6m for Public transport infrastructure / Bus stop upgrades
$0.9m for bus overhauls including seat refurbishments
$0.75m for depot workshop and tool upgrades
$0.11m for bike rack upgrades

Works in progress:
$3.15m for Woden Bus Interchange renovations
$5.736m for replacement of underground tanks (Tuggeranong)
$0.15m for Dickson Bus Interchange design
$0.15m for Gungahlin Bus Interchange design
$0.6m for Erindale Bus Station upgrade [carried forward]
$2.281m for NXTBUS displays and signage [carried forward]

There is a brief mention of bus fare increase in January, but no detail given