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Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, December 09, 2017, 06:17:04 AM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

As I'm sure some of you know by now, RATEC hasn't had as much support recently as many of us would've liked. People not showing up for the meetings, roles of duty not being attended to, etc.
A couple of years ago they changed the membership restrictions to allow anyone in and not just retired transport employees, which was a great addition for their club, but over this past year or so, the older members who wanted to spend the rest of their lives doing what they liked wanted the new comers to help takeover somewhat. The AGM that took place earlier this year pretty much sorter that, but unfortunately not everyone who put their hands up has been helping and the past few committee meetings have brought about the decision of folding it all up. I was at the last BBQ fundraiser really hoping to do another, but no one else wanted to help and the older members have spent the last 4 or so years doing the same things over and over.

There is enough money left from all the fundraising RATEC has done over the years and would've kept it gong had the BBQ's not stopped, but as it is, there will only be enough for one last year of the clubhouse's rent.
But more to the point...

As the months have past we have been sorting through all the memorabilia, photos and collections, going through everything progressively to catalogue it all and keep one of everything to donate back to ACTION and another source I don't remember (will update when I get the information) for safekeeping. The bulky stuff such as timetables, pamphlets and paperwork that will been catalogued and have 1 taken from each that isn't considered worth keeping (esp cause there's so many duplicates of just 'stuff') will be recycled, but older items and other treasures that collectors might be interested in may be getting sold off at an auction some time in the near future.

If you have donated anything to RATEC such as photos or other memorabilia that you would like back, now is your chance.
However I do know that some of you have been or still are members of other transport forums around Australia. Pat Baker asked me to ask if any of you or any other collectors around Australia or elsewhere that you know who would be interested in buying the memorabilia collections, please let me know.
There is no rush for that just yet however as there is no confirmed date for that yet and is still to be fully discussed, and there is still so very much to go through to catalogue.

I will update this post again when I have more information.


Written material eg timetables, news letters, and similar by law should have a copy deposited with the National Library. However it seems that this law is often honoured in breach. Material that the Library should have is often not there. Pictures and other ephemera are also collected by the Library.

It is suggested that this is another disposal resource and one that is relatively future proof.

Sylvan Loves Buses

That's because unfortunately the National Library don't want any of it.

Buzz Killington

Have you checked with the ACT Heritage Library in Woden?

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'll ask the rest of the committee.

Sylvan Loves Buses

So any Heritage or collection business has been contacted already, and I was wrong, ACTION are not getting one of everything in fact the ACTHL recommended that we keep one of everything to then share with the select businesses, and other things such as the original plans to the Woden Bus Interchange which were dug up the other day to be preserved.
The bulk timetables and such will definitely be sold off.

Buzz Killington

Where are the proceeds of the items to be sold going if the club is winding up?

Sylvan Loves Buses

Collectors or anyone else interested. It is still to be discussed, and much much more to be catalogued before any go a heads.

Buzz Killington

I was asking where the money made from the proposed sales will be going.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'll have to ask, but you'll have to wait till February, as nothing's happening till then.

Stan butler

Any chance of a final bbq - who knows, if advertised properly it may drum up some more members...

It could be a last hurrah type of thing, but it could also lead to a rebirth with new faces...

Sylvan Loves Buses

There may be a couple more open days (as required by the government), but no more bbqs, esp not the fund raising ones.  :(

Sylvan Loves Buses

A special meeting took place today for all committee and paid/over 80 members who could attend to vote on the continuation of the Club. Everyone voted the club to be closed, and the Public Officer will be handling all the government proceduresin the coming weeks to hopefully finalise everything before the end of February.

As for the Memorabilia, over the next few weeks most of the bulk catalogued items will be taken by Transport Canberra (after much orchestrating by Ian McGlinn (TC Director) and other committee members over the past few months) to eventually be spread out throughout the depots to either be permanently on display or kept to be preserved (as by law, the memorabilia must be given to a like-minded institute if the club folds). Another transport museum I can't remember the name of took a few other things too. The World War I servicemens' memorial plaque was taken several weeks ago too to be a permanent feature at the current front foyer in the current TC main office.
The rest of the stupid amounts of timetables, booklets, tickets and leaflets that aren't wanted will be sold off at some point when a garage sale is arranged - that or to be dumped and disposed of/recycled.

I'm having difficulty remembering everything from the top of my head, I'll update more details of whatever you guys might want to know as soon as I can.

For now though, RATEC Vice President Sylvan Lawrenz signing off.