Rude passengers

Started by Stan butler, December 26, 2017, 09:38:03 PM

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Stan butler

You hear people complaining about bus drivers being rude, but I have also seen a lot of rude passengers - but no-one complains about them ( a driver may get sacked if they complained)

Many drivers are friendly and say hello to the passengers, but it irks me when some passengers don't even smile or acknowledge the driver. They just get on and off and ignore the drivers greetings. That is rude.   I've seen that a few times.

Then the people wearing their headphones while the driver is trying to tell them something.

Always the concession card people who dont show their card or the people trying to scam a free ride.

I do feel sorry for the drivers sometimes and I can understand why some get cranky.  The people they have to put up with would make me cranky too.


I couldn't agree more Stan, I think being a Driver must take the patience of a saint when I see how some of my fellow passengers conduct themselves. It costs nothing to say a "gday" or a 'thanks' to the Driver or to take a second to show him your card.  The vast majority of drivers get nothing but praise from me for the way they conduct themselves.