ACTBus social gathering?

Started by Stan butler, June 15, 2019, 05:42:40 PM

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Stan butler

Anyone interested in a social gathering at some convenient place for all? Maybe a cheap meal, cafe, drinks etc.

Could sit at a cafe/bar near an interchange and watch buses go by and talk transport or whatever.

Just an idea.  Anyone up for it?

Sylvan Loves Buses

Considering some/most of the users here would prefer to keep their privacy, this is unlikely to happen.

Personally I don't mind (otherwise I wouldn't be splashing my name everywhere). Also if you didn't know, the ex-RATEC committee members still have their social monthly luncheons on - Private message me for details.

Toyota Camry

I may consider attending this event if it is held during a weekend or evening during which I am not in Batemans Bay; however I will not consider attending if the location of this event is the McDonald's restaurant at the City Interchange.


Bus enthusiast = social 😒😫😥
Bus enthusiast ≠ social 😐😶😮
Bus enthusiast = unsocial 😀😆😎


Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on June 16, 2019, 09:36:28 PMConsidering some/most of the users here would prefer to keep their privacy, this is unlikely to happen.
I wouldn't say that....what I would say is that at least three or four of the regular posters (or former regular posters who are still very much a part of the wider ACT Bus community) are shift workers and when you are doing shift work it does become very hard to organise these things at a time that suits everyone.

Stan butler

So how about a handsup for some type event for a weekend in the next few weeks?  Who is In?

- not in maccas ( can't recall the last time I was in a maccas anyway and to be frank, maccas is not a place i'd Also not like to go to)
- preferably at lunch or early to mid afternoon
- somewhere convenient (maybe city interchange - or even smiths bookshop or some other similar type of place)

Any ideas or preferences?

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'm in, but would rather discuss the actual meeting times and what have you in a private conversation. This is a public forum after all, god knows who could be watching.

Sylvan Loves Buses

So are we going ahead with this or what?

Stan butler

Yep - i'm Still interested but a bit bogged down at the moment with a paper i'm Writing.  Give me a few days.