Illegal U turns at Wizard St conflicting with Light Rail

Started by triumph, November 23, 2020, 11:30:27 PM

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Media has reported that illegal U turns conflicting with Light Rail services are a particular problem at the Wizard St/Flemington Rd junction. So much so that the provision of 'NO U TURNN' signs has been deemed necessary.

What is it about this particular locale that so many find it expedient to break the road rules and perform U turns?
And what is the reason that so many U turners are coming into conflict with Light Rail services?
Any thoughts/explanations?

If there is such a demand for U turns it is a pity that a suitable arrangement to permit U turns apparently cannot be devised.

The use of 'NO U TURN' signs is very bad traffic engineering for the simple reason it tends to encourage drivers at other traffic signaled locations to (wrongly) believe that because there are no signs to say you can't, that U turns are permissable. (In principle, whenever a traffic rule is selectively emphasised, there is the simultaneous consequence of de-emphasising the rule at other locations.)

Bus 400

As far as I've seen from the videos, it's southbound traffic conducting illegal u-turns.

It's the lazy/stupid doing what they use to do.

The easy fix is go via Anthony Rolfe Ave/Wizard St. Or turning around down at Manning Clarke.

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