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Started by Buzz Killington, April 22, 2008, 09:02:29 PM

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Buzz Killington

ACT Bus Rules

Welcome to ACT Bus. We are a fairly laid-back enthusiast community but we ask that you please play nice and follow the below rules and guidelines.

Note: This site is not the official ACTION Website nor are we affiliated in any way. We can answer your bus-related questions however you should contact ACTION on 131 710 or visit their website at

Any content in violation of these rules should be reported via the forum's 'Report' function (for members) or contact us through the website contact form or send a message to our Facebook page. Reports will be reviewed by site staff, but you may not always get a reply.

Members agree not to post any information which is false, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, pornographic, discriminatory, racist, invasive of a person's privacy, adult content or anything in violation of any International or Australian Law, or anything similar to the categories described above.

The owners and/or staff of this forum will not be held responsible for the irresponsible actions (such as, but not limited to, those listed here) of its members. As such, the views and opinions expressed by members belong solely to them and not to other members or site staff unless otherwise stated.  Upon registration, members thereby agree to be held solely responsible for their actions undertaken on this discussion board.

Invasion of privacy will not be tolerated. This includes posting photographs or personal details (including, but not limited to name, address, contact details or employment information) of any member of this board, their family, friends, associates or members of the general transport community without their express permission - regardless of whether that information may be posted on other sites or in personal profiles or social networking websites such as Facebook.

Privacy of drivers is to be respected at all times. Please do not post or request driver names or shift details

Members may not post copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or have written consent from the owner of the copyright that can be produced if required. If you wish to post photographs taken by another person you are first required to obtain their written permission.

Spam and scams are not permitted. All registrations are screened by site staff and we reserve the right to reject any registration by a member who we reasonably believe may post such content.

Banned Members who create new accounts will receive much longer or permanent bans.

Complaints about transport staff including Drivers and Interchange Officers should be directed to the appropriate channels at the relevant company. Any complaints posted on board must NOT include specific details regarding the worker involved. This includes photographs, names, bus fleet numbers or descriptions. Complaints regarding on-time performance are excluded but should not be directed at drivers.

Remember that this is a public forum. Users, particularly employees of operators including, but not limited to, ACTION and Deanes should be careful as to not post information that should not be released to the general public. (Refer to articles 74 and 75 of 'Ethics in the ACT Public Service') Such information may be removed by site staff to protect the operators and employees.

Viewpoints and information from drivers regarding transport operations should not be attributed to the driver's actual name.

ACTION logos and insignia, past and present, may not be used by members as their avatar image.

Members at all times are strongly advised to adhere to all ACTION Policies whilst you are a passenger on their vehicles - this includes not talking to drivers whilst they are performing their duties and respecting the no-standing areas.

Swearing is permitted on this board given the general age group of its members. However, swearing is only acceptable when it is in context of the post.

Threads relating to criminal matters and/or traffic incidents should be limited only to an official statement from authorities with replies not permitted. This is to prevent speculative material potentially becoming accepted as factual.  If such a thread is not started by site staff it may be locked, removed or edited as appropriate upon the first opportunity by site staff. We would encourage anyone who witnesses such behaviour to contact relevant authorities.

From time to time Moderators can and will make decisions to remove content or issue a warning in regards to posts even if it is not covered in the board guidelines. This board is not a democracy and any decision made by a member of staff is final. If you firmly believe that a moderator has wronged you, do not question them on the forums, contact an administrator by private message.

Members who come into possession of any item of clothing featuring the ACTION logo (past or present), or ACTION wording are strongly encouraged not to wear such items in public. Doing so may lead a reasonable person to suspect that you are an employee or representative of ACTION. Any current uniform item that is offered to you, or comes into your possession, should be returned to ACTION.

Please see ACT Bus Photo Policy as posted in the Photography and Multimedia forums regarding photo rules.

IP Addresses are recorded and will be reported in case of violation of any International or Federal laws.

If you seek clarification on any rules, please contact a member of staff.

Reporting Posts
Members who feel that a post is in breach of any of the above rules should click the 'Report to Moderator' link in the bottom right of the post and follow the prompts. The next available moderator will review the content and take any necessary action. Non members may contact us through the website contact form or by sending a message to our Facebook page.

Please note that this is a manual process and at times there may be a delay of anywhere up to 72 hours in taking action on reports.

Buzz Killington

ACT BUS Forum - Warnings

Any Moderator or Administrator may issue a warning to any member whom they feel have breached the Rules of this forum. Warnings work on a sliding scale of 100 points. Any user warned by less than 50 points will go on a watch list, and members who have a warning level that exceeds 50 points will be banned from posting until further notice.

Members can also be placed on the "mod queue" whereby each post by that member must be personally approved by a site moderator before it appears in the thread.

Members who continually break rules can and will be permanently banned from the board via IP and email addresses. In severe cases or illegal activity Internet Service Providers WILL be notified.

Warning points incurred will be decided by site staff on a case-by-case basis. Warning points will only be removed when it is deemed appropriate.

Warned users will receive "Watched" or "Banned" on the sidebar of each post.

ACT BUS Endeavour to remove any material in violation of the site rules however if you feel a member has done so, please report their post by clicking on the red triangle or the "report to moderator" in the offending post. A member of the site staff will attend to the matter as soon as possible and provide you with feedback or a resolution

Buzz Killington

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ACT Bus on your Mobile Phone

You can access our forum from your mobile phone - with display optimised to fit your phone. Please note that you are responsible for any service charges for using internet on your mobile. If you are unsure of associated cost, please check with your service provider. Mobile numbers are not known to this forum. To access the forum, enter into your phone browser.

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is an app that allows you to access the forum (and other forums) in a format tailored to your iPhone or Android. It cuts down on data and makes the forum much easier to view on the go. Download a 'read only' version from the iTunes app store, or the $2.99 paid version for your full access. For Android there are three option: free (with ads), VIP for $US0.99/month (no ads) or Tapatalk Pro for $US19.99

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A reminder for new members that there are rules to the ACT Bus forum. Please read them.

In addition to those stated above, content which is removed at moderator's or administrator's discretion is NOT to be re-posted. Doing so will result in a warning or ban being applied.