STA 75th Anniversary

Started by Busnerd, December 03, 2007, 12:54:28 PM

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I didnt end up taking that many photo's yesterday, but here is just a few of the ones I took.

I would have liked more 0500 photos as that thing looks bloody nice, with that really high window line, and the smaller windows in the front half, although its already falling apart, if anyone that has access to it, the roof panel behind the rear door is not screwed in properly as i noticed it was hanging down at and odd angle  :lol: and no wonder theyre too heavy, did you see that chassis!

Here is the 75th anniversary desto on the 0500 apparently 'on loan from mercedes'

1562 at Milsons Point with the skyline and harbour bridge behind

4936 from Newcastle Buses parked around the corner from the rest of the celebrations. An unknown Euro 5 was spotted up in Newcastle on saturday, as was a sunflower yellow CDC volgren.

And finally 1547 also away from the celebrations with a 'funny' desto

Irisbus Rider

Very nice.

"Play enjoyed by all".

Seriously, it was a good day, and I can fit!!!
Thanks for the top pics Busnerd.