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Started by Buzz Killington, May 29, 2009, 08:35:59 PM

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Buzz Killington

WHERE IS IT? Is a game designed to test your knowledge of Canberra. An image is posted of a bus or piece of transport infrastructure in the ACT and users must guess its location.

1 - One game at a time. The winner of a game has 24 hours to commence a new thread. If they fail to do so, any member may start the new game. If the winner does not have an image of their own to post they should advise straight away.

2 - The person posting the image may edit the image to remove any "give away" clues - namely signage and bus destination displays.

3 - The photo must include a skyline and a decent amount of image to enable users to guess.

4 - Clues may be issued at the discretion of the thread starter. Site management may also direct the thread starter to issue a clue if they feel the game has been a prolonged one.

5 - To win a game, street name and suburb must be correctly stated. Where the road is a major and/or lengthy one, the closest cross street or landmark may be requested by the thread starter.

6 - Images are to be from within the ACT only. Any outside images (including Queanbeyan) are to be posted with the state name preceding the title (example: [NSW] Where Is It?

7 - Threads must follow the numbering sequence.

8 - images may not be sourced from Google Earth/Streetview or similar services.