[Photos] Various Japan Rail (JR)

Started by Sir Pompously, October 13, 2011, 06:57:39 PM

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Sir Pompously

Hi all,

Here are some recent photos from my trip to Japan. Various trains from most of the JR Operators, I think all but JR Central.

A JR Kyushu 885 series EMU is seen at Nagasaki Station ready to begin a Kamome service to Hakata

A JR West N700 Series Shinkansen prepares to depart south for Kagoshima-Chuo. The platform attendant is checking to ensure everything is set to go, the guard/conductor is now in his cab to watch the train out

A JR East 485 series EMU is seen at Hakodate, preparing to run a Hakucho LEX service to Shin-Aomori

My ride south. This is JR East's newest in service Shinkansen, the E5, for use on Hayabusa high speed services (300km/h, 320km/h eventually). It..... looks..... AWESOME! This particular train is seen at Shin-Aomori.

A JR Hokkaido DMU is seen at Hakodate ready to operate a local service

A HEAT 183 series DMU is seen waiting to depart Hakodate for Sapporo on a Hokuto service

A JR Hokkaido Furico 281 series DMU is seen at Hakodate, waiting to run its return service to Sapporo later in the afternoon

Two JR Shikoku DMU's pass at Ikenotani station near Tokushima. Ikenotani is the junction for the lines between Naruto and Takamatsu headed for Tokushima. The smaller 1500 Series is a Local service headed for Tokushima, while the two car DMU is a limited express service for Takamatsu.

A Marine Liner service bound for Okayama stands at Takamatsu Station. This service runs over the Great Seto Bridge which links Honshu and Shikoku. The train is made up of mostly two JR West 223 Series carriage sets with one JR Shikoku 5000 Series double deck carriage attached for reserved seats. The lower deck is ordinary class, the upper deck is Green Class.

A JR 285 Series "Sunrise Express" unit stands at Takamatsu Station

Thanks all,