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Started by The Love Guru, December 11, 2015, 09:50:20 AM

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The Love Guru

Showing just how bored i was today i took this photo whilst awaiting a charter.

Where is 101?

The Love Guru

Ok, perhaps i didn't get quite enough background road in this shot but the last one i did was too easy.

So here is a clue, this particular road is serviced by 1 regular route service and several xpresso runs however only the xpressos pass by where this photo is taken.


Cotter Rd, near North Weston Park and Ride?

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The Love Guru

Correct road but not quite location. I'll give it you though. That's the Parkway over bridge in the back ground.

The Love Guru

Lots more charters this week so if i get keen I'll take some snaps in unusual places.