Where Is It? #100

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, December 20, 2015, 03:58:41 PM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

It's quite an honor to be posting on the 100th Where is it! And although I don't own a camera, I did manged to put in a deal of effort to capture this image with my laptop, esp harder being a Sunday :-X. I'm sure this one will probably be easy, but let's see what happens ;) (Also I put a trollface in so you can't see the bus stop number :P

Anyway, where is bus 555?

Bus 400

Canberra Avenue after Ipswich Street, Fyswick.

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Sylvan Loves Buses

You're lucky you can't hear how much my mum is complaining...

Correct :(

15 minutes, is that the quickest yet?