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Started by Bus 503, January 10, 2016, 06:49:00 AM

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Bus 503

The Love Guru

Hmmmmm interesting

Not sure using Google Street view is really in the spirit of the game.

The Love Guru

Won't spoil it for the rest of you, however this is a street that hasn't had buses in a long time due to the narrowness of the road. I'm not 100% certain but it may also have never had a route service and was school only.

Buzz Killington

A few things:

- There is visible infrastructure, in the way of a peg.
- Effective immediately, the rules have been updated to disallow images sourced from Google Streetview/Earth (or similar)
- It's Ivo Whitton Cct Kambah, which still carries a number of school services - only in an anticlockwise loop.
- They did have a selected number of route services - from memory the 60 would divert through here twice a day, roughly in line with the peak times for school students. (0830 and 1530). According to the ACTION website, only the Mt Vernon Dr side of Gleneagles is now services by the diversion (four times per day, school days only).