Which Terminus/Interchange is it Review

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, August 29, 2016, 07:07:10 PM

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Choose your top 3 favourites (or 3 least hated):

Torrens Terminus
1 (100%)
Red Hill Terminus
0 (0%)
Chapman Terminus
0 (0%)
Theodore Terminus
0 (0%)
Spence Terminus
1 (100%)
Woden Bus Interchange
0 (0%)
Mitchell Cemetery
0 (0%)
Cooleman Court
0 (0%)
Tuggeranong Bus Interchange
1 (100%)
Fyshwick Terminus
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 1

Sylvan Loves Buses

So, that's 10 down, and quite a lot of stress, and drawing done.

I'm creating this poll/feedback post in light of me completing the tenth instalment of my major artworks that I have been working on these past 10 months. Over the years of course, my skills have improved when it comes to drawing buses, and thanks to my knowledge, and your input, and of course, the help that I've had from my mother, my artworks have had a vast improvement, but of course, there's always a couple of things here and there that are still off - but I'm getting there.

Anyways, firstly, I would like for you guys to have a say, and give me some feedback on my drawings, the bad sides, the good sides, and possibly what I could improve on for the next 10 installations. Please comment below on any feedback (including positive feedback on how impressed etc you are of a particular drawing) you have.

Secondly, I would also like you guys to choose your top (up to) 3 favourites of the first 10 drawings, so I can see which ones are the most liked.

So just for a Reminder:
1. SL500 at Torrens Terminus servicing a 9 to Woden
2. 535 on the school route 500 and 565 at Red Hill Terminus
3. 725 servicing a route 26 at Weston Creek Terminus
4. 503 as a route 31 on its way back to the city with 310 at Theodore Terminus
5. 490 (blue) on route 312 arriving at Spence Terminus, with 953 already waiting and with 307 coming in from behind to service a 15
6. 350 arrival, with 943 and a random MAN (gas) at Woden Bus Interchange's layover, from the perspective of where platform 13 would be
7. 982 with the 2nd Aboriginal AOA - route 982 Special at Mitchell Cemetery
8. 483 arriving at Cooleman Court after completing an imaginary route 25
9. Random Dart about to depart from platform 5 of Tuggeranong Bus Interchange, supposedly a route 63
10. 992 with its Nara AOA running route 80 to belconnen, passing a stationary 136 awaiting to run an 86 at Fyshwick Terminus

Specifics: - (these include things that have been, and things that I would like to include in the future, for your reference)
Total Bus variations used:
PR:100.2's x3
PR:100.3's x1
PR:180.2's x1
Dennis Darts x2
Iris Agora x2
Scania x1
MAN x1
Euro 5 x1
Euro 6 x1
Steer-tag x1
Scania Artic x1
Vintage ACTION x1
ACTION Trial buses x1
NSW buses x0
Sydney/Newcastle buses x0
VIC buses x0
Other Australian buses x0
Coaches x0
International buses x0
Imaginary/Concepts x0

Locations visited: 10 of 25-30
Termini: 6 of 11
Interchanges: 2 of 3
Bus Stations: 0 of 3
Others: 1 of ?

Details will be updated on new posts for every set of 10 drawings.

Special Ideas for drawings I have in mind incase of an emergency: These are ideas that you can use for when I ask for details if you're not picky about details.
  • High detail Dart interior (used)
  • All 3 Dinosaur AOA buses together.
  • PR:180.2 double articulated
  • PR:180.2 articulated with 5+ carriages
  • All other ACTION buses since 1996 made articulated that weren't already
  • Livery cross-overs
  • My own concept buses never before made public (yes, there's a ton of them)
  • Drawings made from die cast/matchbox toy buses

Sylvan Loves Buses

I've updated the page a little.

Feedback/Criticisms/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I am still awaiting peoples suggestions, feedback, and/or criticisms on these first 10 drawings. I will be doing the second batch of 10 when they are complete.
I will take any feedback in for consideration, and will try implementing any suggestions into future works as best as I can - they are a work in progress, I've never done any art courses, so I'm pretty much self-teaching as I go (with some help from my mum who did go to art school), so anything that you can say would be helpful/meaningful.

Could you also please pick your favourites (or least hated if you dislike them all), I would like to assess the stats, cause no one else will :(


Feedback....you need to observe the levels of interest in the "game" before considering further rounds