ACTION Scania L94UB CB60 Bus Model

Started by Bus 503, March 03, 2018, 03:39:30 PM

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Bus 503

Hi everyone,

I've been looking around for a long time for the old ACTION Scania L94UB plastic model that was for sale during 2008.
They look like this:

I am wondering whether there are any that are still available or are being sold at the moment.

I am aware that they were a limited edition model, though I am hopeful some might still be available.


Bus 503

Sylvan Loves Buses

IGA in the city and Transit Graphics back when they were in Dickson were selling them for $50 each, but unfortunately they stopped making that particular model a year or so after the release, sorry.
I stopped by Transit Graphics' new location a couple of years ago and found out they had almost completely stopped selling all plastic bus models, all but 5 Sydney bus models - that and no longer producing cardboard cutouts for free (including to bus companies), as they print them in bulk and is quite an expensive order (cause of the inc and paper types).
This was a few years ago however, so things may have changed, but the 371 model is definitely not available for first hand purchase.

You can still buy the models, but they're limited in stock and pretty much only have NSW models, and you can only buy them online now. TG no longer sells the models from the office, just displays them.
This is the site for buying them

Buzz Killington

It's a very good model, and a real shame they're no longer in production.

Your best bet is probably to keep an eye on eBay.

Bus 503

Thanks for the information everyone.
I hope I'll find one on eBay though I wonder whether they have gone up in value?

I do hope that they will restart production on ACTION models. The 371 model looks fantastic.


You could also set up a google alert for the Model Number. Its not 100% reliable but in theory it lets you know when that particular model gets mentioned on any website.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Maybe not bus models exactly, but while I was out today I thought about other bus model/toys that are available and aren't too costly. I'm always on the lookout myself to add to my collection, but there are a few stores that sell bus model/toys around Canberra.
Little Sprout in Phillip sell a range of buses standard, coach and artic, they also sell trams in the same style and will cost around $8-$30. Sometimes they don't have any though, I'll let you know if and when they do if you're interested as I'm near there often.
Big W and Toys R Us are selling the larger articulated buses made by either Dickie Toys or Fast Lane. I'm not sure if Big W have put the price up since I last looked of $16, but Toys R Us are now selling them for $19. The current ones that are available are in the red and white variants (blue and yellow were the previous variant, and an older model style before that in blue, yellow and red with green only by Dickie Toys shortly before the new model started production).
Matchbox sometimes has buses too albeit very rarely, the last variant being red double deckers a couple of years ago. I managed to buy about 14 of them myself after finding a couple left over after them not being in production for some time a David Jones (as shops like that don't sell that sort of thing quicker than other stores - sometimes things aren't bought or are left in storage for years).

Buzz Killington