POTM August 2022

Started by Barry Drive, August 01, 2022, 10:26:02 AM

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Photo of the Month

Bus 309 - Felstead Vista
4 (50%)
Bus 721 - Box Hill Ave
1 (12.5%)
Bus 336 - Turner Layover
2 (25%)
217499 - Scherger Dr
3 (37.5%)
217499 - Terminal Ave
3 (37.5%)
Bus 462 - Anthony Rolfe Ave
3 (37.5%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Voting closed: August 07, 2022, 05:27:45 PM

Barry Drive

Since there was no Photo of the Month at the regular time, we'll do it now with a shortened time frame.

Usual rules apply: nominations are now open. You may submit three photos but only if all three are of different bus types ("type" includes body: so a CB80, Bustech and Volgren K320 are all considered as different). Otherwise you may submit two.

If there are sufficient photos in 3 days, voting will commence then.


309 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 309 is seen at Denman Prospect Shops prior to operating an R10 to the City 

721 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 721 is seen at Lanyon Market Place having completed an R5 from the City

336 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 336 is seen in the new Turner Layover 

King of Buses

217499 operates a route 904 service along Scherger Dr, Canberra Airport, on the first day of operation for the trial service, 25 July 2022.


217499 was seen on a 904 service at Terminal Ave

462 was seen on a R8 service at Anthony Rolfe Ave

Barry Drive

Voting now open. Despite what it shows above, voting will close on Sunday afternoon (7 Aug).