12 Yutongs

Started by Barry Drive, December 06, 2022, 11:35:50 AM

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Barry Drive

The Minister has stated in various places that the Yutong E12s should be arriving this year (i.e. in December). So maybe expect to see some arriving any day now.

Barry Drive

As has been revealed today, the first leased Yutong has arrived and put into an AOA wrap. It's still unregistered as far as I can determine, so the fleet number (which is not showing on the bus in the photos) is still unknown.


Cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable? Really?
Whilst passenger behaviour and routine cleansing will have a substantial impact on these achievments (note 'cleaner' is apparently distinguished from 'emission reduction' in the TC material), it is the claimed 'more comfortable' that I have concerns with.
As I have previously remarked, my experience of all the previous trial fully electric buses was that the ride was considerably jigglier/rougher and more uncomfortable than the regular diesel buses. Unless the quality of seating and/or suspension has been very much improved on the latest electric buses, then 'more comfortable' it won't be.

From a public statement about the time of the previous trials, it appears that Transport Canberra was considering 'comfort' from a driver perception. This is quite misleading as the drivers' seats have special seat suspensions and anti-fatigue designs.

Road authorities use accelerometers to assess road surface ride quality, and there is no reason why it can't be applied to vehicle ride quality.

I wonder if Transport Canberra, to validate the 'improved ride' claim, has done a proper evaluation using readily available sensitive accelerometers mounted say on the seat squab (with a suitable dummy mass on the squab) and on the bus body at shoulder height.
Sadly, I suspect not.

Barry Drive

The first milestone has been achieved: "BUS 800" was registered today.

The second bus was also delivered this week.

Quote from: triumph on January 01, 2023, 08:56:46 PMUnless the quality of seating and/or suspension has been very much improved on the latest electric buses, then 'more comfortable' it won't be.
Since you asked, they are using the same brand of passenger seats as the Bustechs.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Welp, RIP people with back problems then...


Item in TC News section of their website, dated yesterday:

'Canberra's bus passengers are transporting into the future!

The ACT's first permanent electric bus has hit the road, with passengers to experience a quieter and more comfortable bus journey.

This is an important milestone for our city, as we move towards a completely zero emissions public transport network that is powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2040 or earlier.

If the electric bus isn't on your route, you will get your chance to catch one soon - 11 more battery electric buses will begin operations across Canberra in the coming weeks and procurement to purchase 90 more is underway!

26 fully compliant low-emissions diesel buses are expected to join the crew by mid-2023. In the interim the use of old Renault diesel buses will be minimised as much as possible on the route bus network.

For more info on the ACT Government's Zero-Emission Transition Plan, visit Zero-Emission Transition Plan For Transport Canberra.'

"..has hit the road..." So, can this be taken literally as in service or is it just puffery around an official showing? Any sightings in service yet?
 It seems quite clear that TC anticipates a half year delay for the 'low emission' diesel buses, and that some use of the PR2s will continue though dwindling until then too.
Given the route service minimisation, there is a strong possibility that the final usage will be for School (or perhaps even event) services, with disappearance from route service indeterminate. Hopefully TC might organise a formal last day of use in a route service, but given their continued use must be an embarassment, I am not holding my breath.


800 operated one route 76 yesterday, it is expected that it will likely be in service for morning peak tomorrow before resuming driver training duties, it could be expected that the second one to be ready (I think BUS808 going off the wiki) would be in service on Monday