Photos of the Month - 2024

Started by Barry Drive, January 24, 2024, 10:13:18 AM

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Barry Drive

For 2024 I would like to refresh the thumbnail images on the Fleetwiki Fleet Summary page. So rather than monthly "bonus category" themes, for the entirety of 2024, the Photo of Month bonus photo will be available to a photo meeting any of these requirements:

  • Irisbus Agora Line - near side (doorside) angle
  • Scania L94UB - off side (driver's side) angle
  • MAN 18.310 (CNG or diesel) - near side angle
  • MAN 18.320 - off side angle
  • Scania K320UB 6x2*4 - off side angle
  • Scania K360UA 6x2/2 - near side angle
  • Scania K320UB 4x2 (CB80 & VST) - off side angle
  • Scania K320UB 4x2 (Volgren) - near side angle
  • Hino Poncho - off side angle
  • Yutong ZK6131HG1 - near side angle
  • Custom Denning Element 2 - off side angle

Where a photo is submitted meeting this category, only a maximum of 3 photo entries will be permitted per member per month.

If a photo which is submitted as meeting one of these categories is awarded Photo of the Month, it will be used as the Fleet Summary thumbnail. However, the category will remain available for the full year.