What PT did you get today? (2019-)

Started by King of Buses, January 01, 2019, 12:43:19 AM

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In Sydney
Journey Hills Showground Metro Station to Watsons Bay and return with Pyrmont Bay side trip.
Metro set 10, car 3
'Waratah' B set 34, car N1634
'Waratah' B set 8, car T1408
'Emerald' ferry May Gibbs (infamously briefly Ferry McFerryface until public sentiment caused change)
'Emerald' ferry Catherine Hamlin
"Emerald' ferry May Gibbs (the Pyrmont Bay side trip)
'Waratah' B set 20, car N1920
'Waratah' A set 74. car T6674
Metro set 6, car 02
(Note: Remarkably a warm fine sunny day. But Cattai Creek flooding meant detour from Cattai area by severely rain damaged Halcrows Rd to Glenorie and on to the Metro. More rain forecast.)


Still in Sydney
Mulgrave - Schofields - Liverpool - Leppington - Glenfield - Circular Quay
'Waratah' class A set 6, car N5306
'Waratah' cl A set 11, car N5511
'Waratah' cl B set 35, car N1635
'Waratah' cl A set 45, car N5645
'Waratah' cl A set 53, car N5453
'Emerald' cl ferry Fred Hollows Quay to Barangaroo via various wharves (Pyrmont Bay service)
'?' cl ferry Me-Mel (aboriginal for Goat) Barangaroo - Blackwattle Bay trial non-opal F10 ferry route. Me-Mel is a mini-ferry acquired for a trial 'on demand' service which coincided with pandemic onset. F10 is a brand new timetabled trial.
'Emerald' cl ferry Fred Hollows again back to Circular Quay over reverse route.
Rte L3 Alstom Light Rail vehicle 34 Module M2 led (coupled sets) by LRV 33 Circ Quay to China Town
Rte L1 Alstom LRV 52 Module M2 Capitol Sq to Dulwich Hill. This is the route that the CAF trams in use suffered cracks. After a service hiatus several Alstom trams were, together with the route infrastructure, adapted, and are now use for up to 1/4 hourly service until the CAF units return to service.
Back to Mulgrave via Lakemba, Cabramatta, Schofields.
'Waratah' cl B set 25, car D1225
'Waratah' cl B set 37, car D1237
'Millenium' cl M set 6, car D1011 (4 car set)
'Waratah' cl A set 27, car D6327

(Happily, Cattai Creek had gone down giving shorter access to the train network. There was a bus strike on Mon plus Cattai is very poorly served.)


Quote from: triumph on April 14, 2022, 10:59:38 PM'?' cl ferry Me-Mel (aboriginal for Goat) Barangaroo - Blackwattle Bay trial non-opal F10 ferry route. Me-Mel is a mini-ferry acquired for a trial 'on demand' service which coincided with pandemic onset. F10 is a brand new timetabled trial.

Update - 'Minicat' class.
Correction - Me-mel is the aboriginal name for Goat Island, not necessarily meaning 'goat'.


Still in Sydney
Travel to Mulgrave by car, thence public transport to NSW Art Gallery, followed by round trip to Mona Vale, and then back to Mulgrave. Some buses today.
'Waratah' class A set, car N5635 Mulgrave - Town Hall
Rte 441 Bus 2054 QVB (Queen Victoria Building) to Art Gallery
Rte 441 Bus 8383 Art Gallery to QVB. After a couple of blocks finally noticed, this bus is fully electric! It is a BYD D9RA with Gemilang Eco City Bus body, operated out of Leichardt Depot.
Rte 3 Alstom LRV 21 Module C1, led by LRV 22, QVB to Wynyard.
Rte B1 Express (limited stops) operated by a double decker fleet, Wynyard to Mona Vale. Great ride at front, top deck. Unsure of fleet number, but probably 2869. A several decades since a similar double deck ride to Brookvale.
Rte 199 Bus ???? Mona Vale - Manly. Damn, thought I had recorded bus number but apparently not. Older single deck.
'Freshwater' cl Freshwater Manly - Circular Quay. Noted the small Gen 2 'Emerald' cl catamaran vessels providing Manly services also.
'Waratah' cl B set 21, car N1821 Quay to Wynyard
'Waratah' cl A set 55, car T6555 Wynyard - Schofields (terminated here)
'Waratah' cl A set 12, car N5312 Schofields - Mulgrave

Highlights of public transport today scoring an unexpected electric bus, and the DD bus trip to Mona Vale.


Quote from: triumph on April 19, 2022, 11:04:09 PMRte 199 Bus ???? Mona Vale - Manly. Damn, thought I had recorded bus number but apparently not. Older single deck.
Did record it. 2824.


Sydney still
Metro Set 13 car 2 Tallawong - Chatswood
'Waratah' class, A set 42, car D6442 Chatswood - Town Hall
Alstom LRV 32 Module M2 in lead, coupled to LRV 31 rte L3 Town Hall - Circular Quay
'Emerald' 2nd gen cl ferry Balmoral Circular Quay to Manly
"Emerald' 2nd gen cl ferry Clontarf Manly to Circular Quay. Took close to 15 min to let passengers off and board waiting throng at Manly. Narrow gangplanks. Due wet weather all inside with many standing. Social distancing? Ignored. Likewise mask mandate. Actual trip time wharf to wharf over 20min. Ride noticeably more responsive to waves. I am not impressed, clearly not a suitable alternative to the Freshwater class. Freshwater was in use but no sign of Collaroy (Narrabeen is getting a major engine overhaul/renewal and Queenscliff was retired last October).
It also seemed that Fred Hollows, an original Emerald class was also on the Manly run.
"Emerald' cl ferry Bungaree Circular Quay to Balmain East (Pyrmont Bay service) with calls at Milsons Pt and McMahons Pt.
Rte 442 bus 8403, another BYD electric type, Balmain East to Queen Victoria Building (Market St set down).
Alstom LRV 46, Module M1 in lead, coupled to LRV 45 rte L3 QVB - Central Chalmers St
Alstom LRV 17 Module M2 in lead rte L1 Central to Rozelle Bay
Alstom LRV 51 Mondule M2 in lead rte L1 Rozelle Bay to Central (See note in post 795 re Alstom LRVs in use for L1)
'Waratah' cl, A set 75, car D6375 Central to Town Hall
Rte 610X Double deck bus 6886 QVB to Castle Hill
Metro set 21 car 3 Castle Hill to Tallawong 


Additional information/comment re double deckers
The B1 route to Mona Vale is operated by MAN ND323F units with Gemilang Eco Double Deck bodies.
Rte 610X to Castle Hill (and 607X to Bella Vista) are operated by a mixture of buses, but Bustech CDi bodied Cummins ISL double deckers operate quite a few of the services.
Both double decker types are 3 axle units but the Mona Vale buses have 2 axles at the rear, whereas in contrast the Castle Hill/Bella Vista buses have the 2 axles at the steering end. The mass carried at each end must vary accordingly - and have quite subtle mass distributions involved.
They appear to be particularly suited to limited stops/express services (but note use in ordinary multi stop services in Britain).
If you have the opportunity, try one out.


Still more Sydney
Another Art Gallery outing, this time parking again at Tallawong.
Metro set 13, car3 Tallawong to Chatswood
'Waratah' class A set 58, car N5358 Chatswood to Town Hall
Rte 441 bus 1941 QVB to Art Gallery. This bus is also less common, a Mercedes O500 LE CNG, powered by natural gas.
Rte 441 bus 8400, a BYD electric (saw quite a few so there must be a small fleet), Art Gallery to QVB
Alstom LRV 41, no 2 end leading, Module NP. LRV 42 in trail. QVB to Circular Quay
'Emerald' cl ferry Pemulwuy Circular Quay to Watsons Bay return calling at Rose Bay both ways.
(Noted 2nd gen 'Emerald' types Clontarf and Balmoral, with Freshwater close behind approaching the Quay - wondered which other vessel was at Manly end.)
'Waratah' cl (near inevitable it seems) A set 43, car N5543 Quay to Wynyard
'Waratah' cl A set 50, car T6550 Wynyard to Chatswood
Metro set 4, car 5 Chatswood to Tallawong. 


Back to normal - in Canberra.

599 (R3)
630 (57)
355 (57)
649 (R5)
006, 010, 014, 004 (R1)
421 (R8)
583 (R1)
486 (R3)

Sylvan Loves Buses

After recovering from being sick again for a week I decided to attend the premire of the Doctor Strange movie at Limelight this evening. I've known since the start of the 'School Interim Bus Timetable' that the final R4N of the weeknights was supposedly a Renault, but each time I think I've seen it, it hasn't been one.

Tonight it was one ;D - what a way to lift my spirits.


Quote from: triumph on May 04, 2022, 09:24:27 PMBack to normal - in Canberra.

599 (R3)

My condolences, the driver of that bus was in a foul mood that morning having been allocated an inferior bus 😬


Quote from: Snorzac on May 08, 2022, 01:00:14 AMMy condolences, the driver of that bus was in a foul mood that morning having been allocated an inferior bus 😬
Well, I didn't notice. In fact I noted what seemed to be pause(s) to match the TT and a prompt arrival in the City after a smooth trip. What I did notice was that there were not many passengers despite it being what I thought would be a busy time, and certainly the road traffic was busy.

But, a later trip featured a cheerful mature lady driver with a surprisingly leaden foot. Skillful, so quite OK.


I can certainly confirm that the trip departed on time for the reasons you outline and certainly required enroute stops to not run early as the driver had the same thoughts regarding patronage

Sylvan Loves Buses

Think most thursdays will look like this for now on. 12-18 buses a week with around half being Renault's for the next 6 months still, what a joy.

972 (72N)
978 (60S)
970 (73S)
969 (72N)
648 (R4N)
397 (R2S)
703 (R2S)
525 (R2N)
971 (R5S)
463 (R4S)
932 (71N)
932 (R6E)


Not much seems to be happening - pandemic plus winter, no doubt. So to keep the thread alive...

013, 011 (R1)

387, 599 (R2)

508 (45)
623 (R2)

014, 005, 011, 003, 004, 010 (R1)
012 (Rx2)
012 (R1)
Note: Rx2 was a short working on R1 route from Depot to Alinga St. Short workings from the Depot mostly can't be identified (except Northbound when one is at Sandford St) but schedules, terminal platform arrived at, and passenger load can provide clues.

011,009,003,005 (R1)

013, 010 (R1)

003, 004, 005, 010, 007 (R1)


654 (R3)
719 (31)
005 (R1)
330 (R9)
657 (R3)

714 (R2)
705 (R2)
007, 002, 010, 014 (R1)
554 (R2)


413 (R3)
353 (57)
420 (57)
707 (58) Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St, layover, Matilda St back to Callam St due works.
003 (R1)
558 (18) incl diversion from Well Station Dr along Flemington Rd and Nullabor Ave to Cultivation St due works. Noted PID continued to show ordinary route stops by-passed.
377 (R8)
450 (R3)

710 (23)
934 (23)

632 (R3)
702 (R3)

714 (R6)
689 (R2)
934 (R2)
014 (R1)
003 (R1)

495 (R2)
700 (R9)
001 (R1)
010 (R1)

001 (R1)
711 (53)
439 (R4)

451 (R3)
720 (R2)
519 (R5) Complicated arrival Woden Interchange. From Callam St via Matilda St, layover, Bowes St back to Callam St thence normal entry to Interchange due works.
512 (R5) Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St to Launceston St due works.
007 (R1)
390 (R9)
455 (R3)

465 (R3)
713 (R4)
008 (R1)
014 (R1)
721 (R2) Took a while, last of new tranche of buses to be ridden.
681 (R4)
446 (R4)
436 (R3)

439 (R3)
394 (57)
579 (57)
691 (R5)  Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes St to Launceston St due works.
001 (R1)
578 (R9)
559 (R3)

420 (R3)
579 (32)
574 (32)
486 (R3)

705 (51)
720 (30)
664 (R8)
001 (R1)


1st Aug
669 (R3)
713 (R3)

217-499 (904) Both ways. Seat belts equipped and use requested. 1 other passenger on trip towards Airport.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Seat belt use required? Damn, that makes me want to ride that route even less...

519 (R4N)
644 (R5S)
302 (71N)
302 (R6E)
534 (R4S)

Sylvan Loves Buses

I think I've probably used the wheelchair ramps on the buses more times the past year than any wheelchair person has. Now that I've stopped using taxis, I have to continue doing my shopping but with the bus home - quite often the trolley filled with my monthly supply of groceries is too heavy to lift from the kerb, hence ramp use.

636 (71S)
568 (79S)
632 (71N) - ramp usage

Sylvan Loves Buses

My regular Belconnen Renault shifts have been very Irisbus heavy the last couple of times I've happened to ride them. Not that I'm complaining, I don't get enough Irisbuses, but I needed to bring some orange back into my life.

973 (72N)
976 (60S)
979 (73S)
980 (72N)


7th Aug
702 (R4)
708 (R2)

9th Aug
716 (R3)
001 (R1)
007 (R1)
692 (R4) Arrival Woden Interchange S bound diverting from Callam St via Matilda St, bus layover, and Bowes St back to Callam St due works.
687 (R4) Departure Woden Interchange N bound via Bowes St to launceston St due works.
008 (R1)
014 (R1)
011 (R1)
708 (R9) Diverted via Battye St and Haydon Dr direct to College St contrary to published diversion for Watkins St closure, thus omitting temporary stop in Thynne St, another stop in Thynne St, and a stop in Eardly St.
711 (R3)

11th Aug
662 (R3)
447 (R3)
400 (R3)

15th Aug
418 (R3)
927 (24) Driver remarked bus's first day out for about 2 weeks. Oldest bus in fleet.
449 (R8)
432 (R3)


448 (R3)
384 (32)
657 (32)
695 (R5) Same approach at Woden Interchange as for 15th.
443 (R5) Ditto dept Woden Interchange.
011 (R1)
403 (R9) This time followed correct diversion via Braybrooke (double back), Paget, and Thynne Sts to rejoin normal route in Thynne St at Watkins St jnc, due closure of Watkins St for works.
561 (R3)
Note: All above necessary for non-PT interest travel, except R1/R9 replacing direct route for a few minutes extra time penalty.


23rd Aug
595 (R3)
473 (R2)
621 (R2)
006 (R1)
536 (R9) Same diversion from Braybrooke St as before
612 (R3)

24th Aug
439 (R3)
671 (57)
694 (57)
717 (R4)
541 (R4)
701 (R4)
657 (R4)
619 (R4) Now usual dept Woden Int via Bowes St
685 (R6)
012 (R1)
003 (R1)
011 (R1)
002 (R1)
403 (R8)
391 (R3)

422 (R3)
710 (R3)
707 (R3)


395 (R3)
687 (58)
540 (57)
386 (57)
698 (R6) Exit Woden Interchange via Bowes and Matilda Sts to Callam St
010 (R1)
003 (R1)
702 (R3)
455 (R3)


666 (R3)
541 (57)
605 (57)
008, 004, 006, 007, 008 (R1)
458 (R8)
486 (R3)


8th Sept '22
505 (R3)
596 (R3)

709 (44)
497 (44)

006 (R1)
011 (R1)

415 (R3)
456 (57)
329 (57)
578 (57)
008 (R1)
014 (R1)
708 (R4)
951 (R2)
467 (R3)

010 (R1)
009 (R1)
014 (R1)
694 (R6)
690 (R6)
014 (R1)

345 (R3)
712 (R3)
009 (R1)
004 (R1)
010 (R1)
001 (R1)
715 (30)
419 (R3)

615 (R3)
408 (R3)

539 (R3)
558 (57)
607 (57)
704 (R4)
980 (71) Error departing Cooleman Crt,  turned left into Namatjira Dr not (corectly) right. Followed rtes 64, 65 (Nmatjira Dr, Conder St, McInnes St) back to Hindmarsh Dr.
430 (R4) Usual Woden departure via Bowes St due works.
721 (R6)
686 (59)
715 (R3)


There seems to be little general posting activity of late, with this thread and photos of the month seemingly struggling.
To try and keep something going,I am being assiduous in using this thread, but has no one else got anything to record?
003, 008, 010, 002 (R1)

Sylvan Loves Buses

I've been meaning to but keep forgetting. Havne't been taking all that many photos recently either.
No Renault's other than that one 66 in the afternoon down south during the holidays though, so I won't have anything exciting to post until the school interum network returns.

Sylvan Loves Buses

It's nice to be able to sit on the front seat again.
404 (R4N)
435 (R6E)




MO7286 (Mercedes 0405, Qcity Transport, fleet no. 7286) Floriade free shuttle, both ways


MO7347 (Mercedes Benz 0405, QCity Transit, fleet no. 7347) Floriade free shuttle, rte F1, both ways, full route this time. Wed and today visited Floriade and shuttle most convenient way.

The main lay over between runs seems to occur at Floriade. Route Floriade - Regatta Pl - Barrine Dr - either Albert St (trip 12/10/22) or Corkhill St (today) - Commonwealth Ave (N bound side) - Vernon Circle - Northbourne Ave - London Circ (Interchange stop, opp Legislation Assembly stop) - Akuna St - Bunda St - Petrie St (stop for Canberra Centre)- Cooyong St - Akuna St - London Circ (anticlock, adj Legislative Assembly stop) - Northbourne Ave - Vernon Circle - Commonwealth Ave - Albert St - Barrine Dr - Regatta Pl - Floriade.

A route F2 shuttle exists, seen today, serves S side of 'Triangle'.


650 (R5)
MO8803 (Scania L94, QCity Transit, Fleet no, 8803) Floriade free shuttle, rte F2 (weekends only), both ways. Truncated route.
574 (R4)

F2 route today: King Edward Tce (National Library stop) - Parkes Place East - King George Tce (MOAD Stop} - Langton Cresc (omitted section to Federation Mall stop and return, due to an event closing roads) - Coronation Dr - Commonwealth Ave (Albert Hall stop) - (omitted section doubling back round Vernon Circle, presumably due to road works) - diverted via Albert St - Barrine Dr to pick up route at jnc Albert St, east leg, with Barrine Dr and continue to Regatta Pl and Floriade. Return direct to National Library via Albert St to S bound lane of Commonwealth Ave.
The part through the narrow congested part of Barrine Dr through Henry Rolland Park is challenging. The F2 bus today bore blank destination as the display setting apparently could not be manipulated.

Sylvan Loves Buses

981 (71S)
978 (78S)
532 (71N)

951 (71N)
951 (R6E)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on October 17, 2022, 09:48:30 PM951 (71N)

I didn't even notice the significance of this trip until last night, but that was my 100th Renault trip of the year. Hooray!!!

538 (R4N)
489 (R5S)
930 (71N)
930 (R6E)
582 (R6W)
561 (R4S)


002, 010 (R1)

013, 007, 008 (R1)

013 (R1)
011 (R1)
709 (53)
685 (R2)
302 (59)


Nov 4th
686 (R9)
709 (901)

Nov 7th
013 (R1)
003 (R1)

Nov 9th
719 (R3)
469 (R4)

Nov 16th
684 (R4)
690 (70)
689 (81)
520 (R5)

Nov 18th
013 (R1)
001 (R1)
005 (R1)
006 (R1)

Nov 21st
013 (R1)
002 (R1)
008 (R1)

Nov 23rd
009 (R1)
630 (R2)
536 (R2) Entire route Fyshwick Park and Ride to Fraser West, 1hr 20min. Diversion to Railway Station included Over a couple of years of 4 rides N bound supposed to divert, this was the only one to actually do so!
453 (40)
510 (R8)

001 (R1) (Morning peak, left an item behind near door in front module, LRV continued to Gungahlin, then to City. Item was retrieved when it reached Dickson interchange from City, amazingly still exactly where I had left it. Got lucky.)
009 (Rx1) Short working ex Depot, Sandford Street to Gungahlin Place
008 (R1)
014 (R1)
013 (R1)
010 (R1)
418 (R3)
451 (R3)
462 (R3)
674 (R4)
630 (R3)
(Above encompassed 3 separate journeys)


28th Nov
360 (180) It occurs to me that the route between stop in Tuggeranong Pky at Sulwood Dr and Albert Hall, Commonwealth Ave stop would be the longest section of a regular route between consecutive stops.
013 (R1)
002 (R1)
703 (18)
009 (R1)
685 (R4)
646 (R5)

30th Nov
594 (R3)
672 (R2)
672 (R2)
718 (R3)
542 (R3)
695 (32)
333 (32)
717 (R3)

695 (181)
004 (R1)
002 (R1)
013 (R1)
003 (R1)
606 (R5)


591 (47) Noted Coppins Crossing, as expected, is back in rte 47 use. (Transport Canberra in Service Alerts usually notes things like route diversions, stop closures, etc, but seems to rarely notify resumptions. I don't recall any advice that service to Denman Prospect by rte 47 was back.) 

Sylvan Loves Buses

I've worked out a timetable for the last 2 weeks of the school term for riding as many (Belconnen) Renaults as possible before they go bye bye. I think I have something for the holiday timetable too, but I'll have to remap it - I also have a runsheet for Tuggeranong Renault's too, if anyone wants these DM me.

408 (R4 to Woden)
613 (R4 to Belconnen)
932 (42 to Fraser)
932 (40 to Belconnen)
930 (32 to City)
963 (53 to Dickson)
934 (50 to Turner)
956 (50 to Watson)
956 (R9 to Belconnen)
369 (R4 to Tuggeranong)

I'm glad this schedule works out as the alternative was riding 930 4 times in a row followed by maybe getting 1 other different Renault with complications to where to pick it up from. With 5 different shifts I cross paths with, I'm confident I can ride each of the depots Renaults at least one more time.


691 (R7) Weston bound, now long term diversion from London Circuit via Constitution Ave and Vernon Circle to Commonwealth Ave.
708 (63)
571 (R5) City bound, usual Bowes St diversion leaving Woden; and now long term diversion from Commonwealth Ave via Vernon Circle and Constitution Ave to London Circuit.

(The journeys on 181 and R5 reported for 2nd Dec were last day, to 8pm, of undiverted services to/from London Circuit.)


575 (63)
721 (R4) lve Woden via Bowes St, appr City via Vernon Circle and Constitution Ave
504 (R4) lve City via Constitution Ave and Vernon Circle
361 (902)
443 (64) lve Woden via Bowes St

In Melbourne
52M (Flinders St service, Belgrave/Lilydale trainline) Mitcham - Flinders St via Circle
2086 (tram rte 67 Carnegie) Flinders St - Cotham St.
2037 (tram rte 67 Melbourne University) Cotham St - Arts Precinct   
2007 (tram rte unknown) Arts Precinct - Flinders St (just one stop)
77M (Lilydale service, Belgrave/Lilydale train line) Flinders St - Mitcham via Circle

In Melbourne
4A Vic Reg 1HB1TM, EMC 'Endeavour' electric bus/trailer combo, Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne. Guided tour, sat in trailer.
1320T part of set 39M T 40M (Flinders St service, Belgrave/Lilydale train line) Mitcham - Box Hill
3006 (tram rte 109 Port Melbourne) Box Hill Central - River Blvd
264 (tram rte 109 Port Melbourne) River Blvd - St Vincents Plaza
6099 (tram rte 30 Central Pier Docklands) entire route St Vincents Plaza to Central Pier Docklands
6099 again (tram rte 30 St Vincents Plaza) Central Pier Docklands - William St
2110 (tram rte 58 Toorak) Latrobe St - Walsh St
6096 (tram rte 58 West Coburg) Walsh St - Latrobe St
6036 (tram rte 30 St Vincents Plaza) William St - St Vincents Plaza
6019 (tram rte 11 Victoria Dock) St Vincents Plaza - Swanston St
66M (Ringwood service, Belgrave/Lilydale train line) Flinders St - Mitcham via Circle.

VH-NXQ 'Port Campbell National Park W' a Boeing 717-200, QantasLink flt 1520 Melbourne - Canberra, Schedule 2.50pm - 3.55pm, but left 3 min early and arrived 9min early (and the bags too!) for a flight time (TO - LND) of 43min.

All the trains were X'Trapolis class, a set being Motor Trailer Motor and each train was 2 sets.
MyKi used for train and tram travel.
The EMC Endeavour is capable of seating up to 29 in the combo. It is not clear if the trailer was separately registered. The trailer is a true trailer, not a 'bendy' or semi (I have actually ridden in a semitrailer coach), with a ball hitch and various umbilicals for brakes, lights, PA, etc.. Cranbourne Gardens is worth a visit.
Trams 2086, 2037, 2007, 2110 are B2 class from Comeng/ABB with high floors.
Tram 3006 is a C class Alstom Citadis 202 with low floor
Tram 264 is an A2 class, from Comeng and quite old, being in service 9/4/86, A2s are single units with high floors.
Tram 6099 is an E2 class Bombardier Flexity Swift with low floor. It is currently the second newest in the tram fleet being in service from 23/8/21 (There is another order, and some 'Heritage' W8 trams might be thought of as possibly newer but these are upgrades of existing W series for safety etc purposes, certainly not low floor though.)
Tram 6096 also an E2 class
Tram 6036 is an E1 Class Bombardier Flexity Swift with low floor. The E2 class is an extension of the E! class order with minor improvements.
Tram 6019 is also an E1 class but is one of 4 in the 50 strong class dubbed a 'catdog'. These have an E2 class driver module at one end. Likewise there is an E2 'dogcat' with a E1 module at one end. Don't ask how or why.....
The Boeing 717-200 NXQ is quite elderly having been manufactured in 2001. The 717 is the final development of the DC9-30 of some 50 years ago. It apparently is near identical in major dimensions but has improved engines, systems, etc.. Still features the steep deck angle on takeoff.
On the 21/12/2022 the Anzac Tram Station was opened in St Kilda Rd replacing the previous Domain interchange, necessary to facilitate major tunnel construction. Both routes 76 and 58 travelled used this new stop.
Considerably earlier, and for the same reason, route 58 which joined at the Domain Stop and left via Domain Rd and Park St was altered to continue along St Kilda Rd to Toorak Rd along which new trackage was constructed until rejoining the former route at Park St. I have travelled on almost all Melbourne tram routes and the rte 58 ride was to include this change.

(Canberra now)
407 (R3)
484 (R4) incl the Vernon Circle routine diversion. Dept Woden via Bowes St.
531 (R4) ditto Vernon Circle
395 (32)
539 (32)
662 (R3)

555 (R3)
411 (R2) ditto
547 (R6) ditt0
583 (R2)
542 (R3)

582 (R3)
710 (R2)
013 (R1) Departing Swinden St, N bound, there was a jolt reminiscent of overload circuit breaker operation in trams and trolley buses in Hobart. Power was lost also airconditioning but PIDs and PA remained useable, After coasting to a stop, about 5 min passed and power momentarily returned followed by PA '..taking longer than we thought...'. Another 3 or 4 minutes elapsed before power again came on and we moved forward to Phillip Ave where everyone had to get off and join the following LRV, 013 went on to the depot for repairs, and seen in service the next day, so not serious. Total journey delay about 10min.
010 (R1)
713 (R8)
630 (R3)
721 (43)
669 (R3)




Umm, err...
2 laps Cockington Green in their steam hauled train. :D


(Re Post 994 18/1/2023 Clarification/Correction
Class E Melbourne trams. There seems to be some variation in class naming. The first 50 were called E class and then another modified 50 came along dubbed E2, with first 50 now sometimes dubbed E1, and the two groups as a whole still often referred to as E class. Unsure what is 'official', but operator Yarra Trams in it's published fleet list quotes E class for all the 100 trams as a single item.

Date omitted final two items in post: 13/1/23)

380 (R3)
610 (R2) As now usual - Vernon Circle diversion
461 (R6) As now usual - Vernon Circle diversion
006 (R3)
714 (R8)
437 (R3)

660 (R3)
649 (54) Still diverting within Majura Park
704 (R3)
457 (R3)
649 (R2) As now usual - Vernon Circle diversion
600 (R6) As now usual - Vernon Circle diversion (Standard rte from 30/1/23)
686 (R3)
422 (R3)


584 (R3)
430 (R4) Ist use of Woden Temporary Interchange (opened 30/1/23)
570 (57)
678 (57)
700 (60)
682 (R5)
003 (R1)
443 (R8)
555 (R3)


3rd Feb 2023
553 (R3)
409 (R2)
681 (R2)
012 (R1)
418 (R8)
422 (R3)

439 (R3)
469 (R5)
717 (R4)
697 (79)
512 (R5)
509 (R4)
548 (R3)

449 (R3)
506 (R4)
562 (57)
509 (57)
696 (76)
697 (77)
703 (R4)
808 (R5) See note
489 (R4)
422 (R3)

Note: Rode Launceston St Woden to City. All seemed normal with two exceptions. My perception is that the ride quality has not significantly improved compared with the trial bus no. 490. Secondly, the pedestrian warning system which emits ting/ding noise with the note changing as the bus speed varies below 25kph. To be effective it is penetrating and , unfortunately in consequence, a frequent intrusive noise nuisance within the bus. The trial bus did not have this, so were there actual serious events? Unintended consequences likely are that the public comes to expect the noise and thus take less care, and may well come to expect it from all the buses and other vehicles. (Back up alarms were once thought a cure-all. That was before the on-site cacophony became such a nuisance and made the alarms nigh on useless.)


397 (R3)
460 (R8)
012 (R1)
963 (31) Incl new Lawson extension Belconnen bound.
710 (R3)