Where Is It? #15

Started by Bus 400, April 04, 2009, 11:21:38 PM

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Bus 400

I hope that this one isn't too hard.

Where Is 362?

Irisbus Rider

Is it in the bus lane on Callam St about to go onto Athllon Dr at the Hindmarsh Dr Intersection?

The Love Guru

Looks like the corner of Hindmarsh and Melrose Drive, heading inbound to Woden.

Irisbus Rider

Damn, it actually looks like it's where you said "Chris_Guru", as the intersection I mentioned does not have a 4 layout traffic light.....


Bus 400

Chris_Guru you have it. I am glad that it wasn't too hard.


Yes, you can see ford on the right hand side, obviously julian followed the 60 the whole way to woden.