Where Is It? #18

Started by Irisbus Rider, April 05, 2009, 04:38:05 PM

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Irisbus Rider

Ok, I'm beginning to run out of photos, ha ha;

Street and suburb thanks; best of luck :)

Bus 400

Lyttleton Crescent COOK?

If you run out, just do what I do & take them that day like  did.

Irisbus Rider

Bus 400

Am I hot or cold? It looks very much like a street in Perth.


Random guess.

Somewhere in Gowrie?


Southern Cross Drive?

Near Higgins and Latham...after that intersection where theres always a car for sale on the dirt patch but it now has no parking signs

Bus 400

Ginninderra Drive FLYNN/CHARNWOOD

Irisbus Rider

Busnerd has it! Congratulations on that!
It is indeed there, on a 43.