Belconnen Community Station Part 2

Started by Snorzac, November 23, 2010, 10:09:48 PM

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Some more, mainly from Tuesday November 16 with the exception of the first which is from the 15th

144 on a 44 (even though it says not in service it was a 44)

418 after completing a 44, taken from the Chandler st overpass

303 on a 31

319 on a 52 and 334 on a 300

887 on a 56

I am sure by now most have seen this, anyway, the EPIC DESTO FAIL for the 59 is seen displayed on 952 as it waits to operate the run. 


WTF Are they that dumb that they confused FORBES for FORDE??? What is wrong with these people


Sir Pompously

Cheap way to get to Forbes..... But then again who really wants to go there :P


LOL $2.52 to Forbes...  I thought the $15 to sydney was cheap.