My ACTION adventures - part 1

Started by Craig, May 08, 2009, 09:07:24 PM

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Dear All

Late last month I spent a few days in Canberra. Many thanks to those that I met for making my time enjoyable and showing me around the place. Despite some typically cold and wet weather during my stay, I still manged to get a fair few pics.

Here's some from my first afternoon, Friday 24/4/09:

At City Bus Interchange:

#895 (Renault PR100.2, Ansair Mk2)

#349 (Scania L94UB CNG, Custom)

#381 (M.A.N. 18.310 CNG, Custom)

#333 (Scania L94UB CNG, Custom)

#893 (Renault PR100.2, Ansair Mk2)

#324 (Scania L94UB CNG, Custom)

At Woden:

#792 (Renault PR100.2, Ansair Mk1)

#770 (Renault PR100.2, Ansair Mk1)

#306 (Irisbus Agoraline, Custom)

#354 (Scania L94UB CNG, Custom)

I'll post another series of shots tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Craig :)


Buzz Killington

Some very nice photos Craig, and welcome to the forum.

I like the photo of 893, and also the one of 306 with the renaults and dart in the background.

Irisbus Rider

Love the Woden Interchange one! Great job with those, and I hope you enjoyed Canberra (and Queanbeyan :P )!