[CT] Meet Matilda, queen of Eddie's heart

Started by Sir Pompously, February 21, 2013, 04:32:55 PM

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Sir Pompously

In the CT Gang Gang column today was this article relating to Matilda, the AEC Regal III that was in service with the Department of the Interior.

QuoteMeet Matilda, queen of Eddie's heart

Today's ACTION buses have a sign on their flanks boasting ''Climate Controlled For Your Comfort'' but ''Matilda'', the 1949 AEC Regal Mark III Omnibus was never able to make such a boast. Riding with her in Canberra in her service heyday (from 1949 to 1959) exposed her passengers and her driver and conductor to all of the uncontrolled elements of Canberra's moody, machiavellian climate.
On Wednesday at ACTION's Belconnen depot, Eddie Carnall, born in Queanbeyan in 1924, was reunited with Matilda - exactly the kind of omnibus on which, from 1955, he served sometimes as a conductor and sometimes as a driver.
As part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations Matilda is soon to waltz down to the Old Bus Depot Markets to be a part - the prima donna really - of a Back to the Depot display.

Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/meet-matilda-queen-of-eddies-heart-20130220-2es1l.html#ixzz2LVbKoGij


Was driving an artic down Ginninderra Drive yesterday en route to Dickson Swimming Pool when I caught up with Matilda being cautiosly towed by an ACTION tow truck...followed it through to Northbourne Ave, where it turned left (presumably to EPIC Showgrounds)....

Buzz Killington

A good read - the Gang Gang column does have some rather interesting pieces from time to time.

RATEC have sent me through a copy of the media release on 'Back to the Depot' - http://actbus.net/matilda-comes-home-as-transport-history-heads-back-to-the-depot/