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Started by Barry Drive, April 17, 2013, 12:17:57 PM

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Barry Drive

I have recently been searching the historic newspapers on Trove to find articles about the early Canberra bus fleet. Some quite interesting (and strangely familiar) articles.

Here's some that I've found:

8 December 1928 City Buses - Renovations in Hand. 5 AEC Renowns being overhaulled.

2 August 1930 Canberra's 'Bus Service - Heavy loss on undertaking. Canberra Bus Service spent £52,791 in four years from 30/6/1926; also confirms fleet of 13 vehicles (5 AEC, 3 ADC, 4 Bean, 1 Dodge char-a-banc).

17 November 1933 Bus Service - New Vehicles Arriving. 4 AEC Buses (model and fleet numbers unknown) being delivered.

23 May 1934 Fuel Oil Engine - Test in Canberra Bus Service. Bus number 24 - first diesel engined AEC Regal.

10 November 1938 New Omnibuses - Five for Canberra Bus Routes. 5 diesel AEC Regals (presumed to be C539-C543) to be delivered by end of year, will replace 3 ADCs (CO11-CO13); fleet reported to comprise 17 buses - 12 diesel powered.

More links later.



I was using Trove just the other day to see what The Canberra Times had to say about the early Comet disasters.

Hadn't realised that one of these accidents was a Comet on its delivery run to Sydney (would have been our first locally based Comet).

Buzz Killington

It's a fantastic service, and the ability to fix up the automated transcriptions is great.

Barry Drive

They may have added some more scans since I was last there. When doing some more research, I found this article / feature from November 1982 to mark the opening of the revamped City Interchange. Includes a 1982 fleet count and information about the first services to Woden Valley (Hughes 1963), Belconnen (Aranda 1967), Weston Creek (Waramanga 1969) and Tuggeranong (Kambah 1974).



As I recall, the 1982 version of the Interchange was only seen as a temporary site pending the construction of a long deferred permanent Civic Interchange and transit centre.

By that time, City Hill (vacant land either side of Northbourne Ave) was seen as a likely permanent interchange site; in the 1970s, planners envisaged the interchange and transit centre would be constructed on the corner of Constitution Ave and London Crt. The nearby Boulevarde/Civic Permanent Centre, Lombard House and CAGA centres were retail / office complexes which incorporated elevated walkways designed to be linked in to the transit centre.

Sir Pompously

Found a small map regarding the opening of Tuggeranong Bus Station showing the interim network. Whilst the station was opened on Friday 9th Aug 1991, it was not in use until the following Monday. 


Barry Drive

Interesting to see that platform 6 at Tuggeranong was used when it first opened.

A few more articles:

Opening of Woden Interchange (MkI): http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article110622780

First mention of bunker shelters (1975): http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article116339183


Saw an ACTION style bunker shelter on a Gold Coast suburban route last month. It was painted two tone grey and looked really smart.