Disused bus termini

Started by Barry Drive, April 20, 2008, 11:01:48 AM

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Barry Drive

I think I have found another disused terminus. Behind Cook shops in Rowan St there is a layover bay which might have once been a bus terminus.

I have no personal knowledge of any services which terminated there, but it could have been during the pre-Higgins Interchange era (before 1973) when the first Belconnen suburbs were served by routes from the City.

Irisbus Rider

I have seen that, it's quite possible, Yeah, it'd be good if someone could follow that up.....

Buzz Killington

The earliest timetables i have are from around 79 unfortunately

Bus 400

Good placde to check is the Heritage Libray at Woden Libray, they have 1963 bus book & earlier.

Bus 400

I suppose this would be a good spot for these, but after discovering Network 1957 & 1962 maps I have discovered a few old bus termini.

Curtin-Theodore St, at the top of the hill after Melrose Drive (1962)
O'Connor-Scrivener St/Miller St (1957)
O'Connor-Westcarth St/Tate St (1957)
Ainslie-Officer Cr/Hawdon St (1957)
Dickson-Officer Cr/Majura Ave (1962)
Yarralumla-Novar St/Schlich St (1957)
Yarralumla-Hopetourn Cct/Schlich St (1962)
Hughes-Kitchener St/Kent St (1962)
Pialligo-Kallaroo Rd *Looks like where the current stop is (1957)



The survival of the termini at Farrer, Narrabundah, Fyshwick and at Torrens (including buildings) is pretty exceptional.

Torrens and Farrer still attract good usage by both buses and punters....

Bus 400

Having visited these sites recently, any pre-1960 appear to of had no infrastructure built. With the Ainslie one the only one to have a shelter from back then.

Now while the only evidence I have are the plans for the shelter. I suspect the big shelter at the intersection of Cowper & Cox St was once a terminus. I base this on the fact that the shelter has a urinal & WC in that bit at the back.