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Started by Ed, January 14, 2009, 03:42:58 PM

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It looks as if ACTION are after even more staff, as in this weeks ACT Gazette, the positions of

-Manager, Regional Finance and Administration
-Administration Officer
-Depot Manager
-Diesel and Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

have been advertised. They are all for Northside. I have attached the position description for each position.

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32 drivers have moved up to Full Time driver status today. With quite a few relocated from Tuggeranong to Belconnen Depot

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I was checking the driver additions with ACTION for 2009. Here are the figures

January '09-0
February '09-6
March '09-9
April '09-15

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I have been told that due to ACTION Admin problems. They have decided to cancel this latest intake. The thing that I noticed that the recuitment guy has changed in the last few weeks.

So that means that I'll have to try next time. But it does sound good that I wasn't knocked back due to my application, but due to ACTION problems.

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I have found out that due to recent events within ACTION, all recruiting will be stopped while training is being reviewed.