Driver Strikes

Started by CanberraTransport, January 31, 2008, 06:37:35 PM

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WIN News just reported that ACTION drivers will soon be holding a strike (in approx. Mid Feb), following unsuccessful pay negotiations.

Buzz Killington

Was just on a Prime update too. They're striking in the next few weeks because "the Government has taken too long to sign off on a new agreement"


A driver was telling me about this saying they still have no idea what is going on with their new work agreement which was of major concern down at the depot.

Irisbus Rider

All Union garbage, quite frankly, the TWU think they can do what they want.


must be some action drivers is still angry about new network 2008

Buzz Killington

as stated above, Simon, the drivers are striking over their pay, not the new network.


Oh **** just as soon as I go back to school :(


Ive been told 2nd or 3rd week of Feb this will be happening. The gov't has rectified new pay agreements for all its own departments (TAMS) and has already payed back pay to workers.

However they've told action they are 'finilising' the documents and have been doing so since october, blaming christmas for the delay. So if they dont finish it in the next week or so and pay the drivers, they will strike.


Better not when im up there!

Buzz Killington