Ex ACTION MAN and Volvo for Sale in WA

Started by Sir Pompously, March 21, 2009, 02:37:43 PM

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Sir Pompously

This was posted by Mr Obsessed in the ACT Forum on the Australian Transport Discussion Bureau and may be of interest to some members here.

QuoteHi all,

Two buses that were in the ACTION preservied fleet have come up for sale. The operator is asking what I think to be reasonable prices for them. Both buses are significant in that they were first. (Thanks to Herbert for the pics)

410 was the first MAN SL200 in the ACTION fleet.


207 was the first Volvo in the ACTION fleet and the third Volvo bus to be bodied in Australia.


These significant vehicles are likely to go for motorhomes, so if, between you, you can get some sort of syndicate together to buy one or both, you will be playing a part in preseving ACTIONs past.

The vehicles are licensed and drive well. Greg can be contacted at Horizons West in Perth on (08) 9358 8980. Please only call if you are serious.

Yes, this post has been made in 2 places.

Buzz Killington