Advertising Slowdown?

Started by Buzz Killington, February 28, 2009, 11:30:13 AM

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Buzz Killington

I've mentioned this elsewhere but i think it deserves its own thread

Just what is going on with bus advertising of late? Is the GEC having an affect on the Bus Advertising industry, or are ACTION not going to be having bus advertising anymore?

The amount of Renaults getting around with one (or no) advert on the exterior is rather strange. I personally can't remember the last time that this much of the fleet was without any advertising.

Surely there must be a lot of lost revenue (especially with 70 odd Scania/MANs with no advertising either)

Irisbus Rider

Well, there's definately something going on, and it's slowly been happening for sometime, I first noticed this a few years back.

Maybe it's too expensive?

Bus 400

Also alot of the AdShel bus shelters have had the advertising panel removed & replace with a plain glass panel.


Bus 400

Melrose Dr Lyons
More but can't rember at the moment.


2 that is so many  ::)

Bus 400

2 on Melrose & that is all I remember ATM.

Irisbus Rider

Hackett has always been an Ad free AdShel.