Deanes Sells Up To ACT Government

Started by Bus 400, April 01, 2009, 07:17:00 PM

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Bus 400

So that nobody misses out, here was my April Fools Joke that I posted on ATDB (it was the only one that my work internet filter doesn't block).
I was at a news conference outside the ACT Legislative Assembly today & found out that due to the current economical situation, Deanes Investment Group will hand over their school runs & normal runs in the ACT & Queanbeyan to the ACT Government. John Stanhope agreed to the handover yesterday & from May 26, ACTION will run a new network within Quenbeyan & Jerrabomberra.

To accomdate the extra workload, ACTION will only be getting Deanes newer buses & an ACTION spokesperson was quoted "We dont' want to be stuck with those crappy old buses that Deanes has. We want their brand spanking new buses"

It was also stated that they wished this could of been announced yesterday, but the NSW Opposition held up up with complaints of another State Government running NSW Bus Services.

Sir Pompously

Yes because they are really going to be quoted as saying 'Crappy'. I think I have a touch of Bubzie feaver.... EPIC FAIL


TP3000 you have once again EPIC FAILED!! You posted this on the ATDB at 3:05pm well after midday

Buzz Killington


a) it is well past midday
b) this has already been posted on ATDB
c) this thread will descend into insults being directed solely at TP3000 and
d) it was pretty lame

i think we'll just close this now..