New Network Timetables

Started by Busnerd, December 03, 2007, 07:17:35 PM

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What does everyone think they will do with the new network timetables?

Im thinking the same el cheapo easy to tear paper will be used, and knowing action the same design as last year, but im hoping they use their new green/orange strange non curved but oddly shaped thing they use in the top left corner of the new map in the new network pamhplet as that would look cool, obviously it will be nice if they are colour coded again, and without too many mistakes. Perhaps we can post up our own designs here, i might work on one and post it later.

Buzz Killington

they need to bring back the bus book.

Irisbus Rider

Yes! Definately, the Bus book.

Whilst the pocket size timetables have been conviniently pocket sized, I say bring back the A4 folded sheet timetable format, i.e. pre Network '03.

Sir Pompously

I liked the bus book, may not be 'pocket sized' but how many people actually carry a timetable in their pocket? Mine are in my backpack. And it would save alot of hassle having to pick up a timetable for each service. However, individual timetables help with ease of changing a timetable during mid network adjustments.

Buzz Killington

it was easy enough during the bus book days too. they just print an adjustment and stick it in your book.

Bus 400

If ACTION goes back to the bus book, that will bring them in some money. I think to get the bus book it use to cost $2. But that pack hasn't been available since 2000. Even though they had those big timetables. My Grandma still has one of those bus pack folders & those pocket size things are useless for that. I tried lots of times to try & get them to fit.

I do like the ones in Perth, they fold in half & then into quaters & they fit easily into a pocket in my backpack.


i disagree, perths are too tall and skinny and they use the same colour for three routes in some and it just doesnt make sense! I think our network 98' ones were the best, but maybe with a new design. It actually had a big map people could read and yeah the busbook!