"Bloody Cyclists!"

Started by Buzz Killington, July 16, 2009, 08:33:28 PM

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Buzz Killington

We do have the idiot drivers thread, so its only fair to have an idiot cyclists thread too.

So today I'm walking across a crossing on Northbourne - and nearly get cleaned up by a cyclist who rode straight across in front of me (he was on the road)

Now, the way I see it - if the cyclists are going to ride on the road, in a traffic lane, then they need to obey the road rules, which in this case is stopping at a crossing rather than nearly knocking someone over.

Rest assured, some choice swear words were shouted after him.

Bus 400

I was thinking of starting the same sort of thread, great minds must think a like. So where do I start.....

I wonder if anyone else has heard the story of when a cyclist ran into the back of a packed bus on Northbourne Avenue? Well for those that haven't here it is. A driver was driving along on a 58 North at around 18:00, when they pulled into a bus stop on Northbourne Avenue. Next thing the driver heard a huge bang at the back of the bus. They went to check what it was & saw an injured cyclists who wasn't watching where they were going & ran straight into the bus. The sound that the driver heard was like a car hitting the bus. I know the driver that this happened to, so this has come direct from them.

Another few things I have seen is cyclists will pull out in front of buses on Northbourne Avenue to overtake over cyclists. They'll go through red lights & almost get hit by cars & then abuse the driver for blowing the horn at them. Buses will be indicating to exit a bus stop & cyclists will still try & overtake the bus, except buses don't always see them till it is too late.

Buzz Killington

I was actually watching the cyclists along Northbourne this morning as I was walking along, because there were quite a few, and a bus attempting to stop there. Its a bit dicey in peak hour.

Bus 400

For the 2 previous days I've been on a peak Northbourne service. Most cyclists stay behind the buses & stop when the buses stop. But there has been this one cyclists that abused the bus driver of the bus I was in for pulling out while he was half way up the bus (rule is give way to buses). There is a bus in front of us & the driver parks the bus at the stops so that the back sticks out & the front is on the curb (don't have idiot drivers trying to fit in the tiny gap between the middle lane & the bus. So with this bus pulling into the stop yesterday, the cyclist pulls in front of us & into the middle lane to overtake the bus.


Had a dick with a bike waiting for the 313 today and 959 turned up. He began abusing the driver for not having a bus with a bike rack so the driver closed the doors and drove off.

The cyclist then got on his bike and chased after the bus cutting it off as the bus drove along. He rode up to Cohen st and got the 7 where he began telling that driver that he shouldn't have a bikerack bus and telling all the pax about it.

I mean seriously FFS!

Buzz Killington

So the 7 had a bike rack bus I assume? And this guy went off at the driver of it because the bus he wanted to catch didn't have a bike rack? What a knob!

Speaking of cyclists, there is often one i encounter in the morning who gets off at the Legislative Assembly, and always is one of the last people to get off, so then we have to sit there waiting for him to get the bike off. Out of courtesy the people using the bike rack should get off first and unload the bike while the other passengers get off.


Yeah the 7 was 365. He didn't go off at the driver of the 7 but he certainly implied that it shouldn't be a bikerack bus.


Well apparently the 7 went where he wanted to go, which would make sense as I know he works at a school around there. I have seen this guy on many other occasions and have served him at the bakery where he was rude, and he always leave old people standing on the bus which ticks me off, I want to punch him in the face.

I have even seen him go off at a driver that I know because the bikerack was full by the time it got to his stop, seriously, FFS

Buzz Killington

Sounds like a real tool.

Oh well, what goes around comes around.


QuoteThe cyclist then got on his bike and chased after the bus cutting it off as the bus drove along.

It's a pity that the driver didn't run him over.

Bus 400

This actually reminds me of a an incident I witnessed:

A cyclists was riding along in the bus bays on Lathlain Street Bus Station & holding up buses stopping at platforms. So one bus driver cut him off as the bus turned left on Cameron Avenue & the bike just missed the back door of the bus