Rumour: Driver ID.Cards?

Started by Bus 400, August 24, 2009, 11:29:01 PM

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Bus 400

I would also like to mention that the ACT is following NSW in that the photo, name & driver number of each ACTION driver will be on display inside each bus from next year. They are starting to verify the details of each driver, which is good as they still had some drivers with Kingston as there main depot (only joking but some details were out of date for some).

This will be interesting as we all will know the name of the drivers we favor & of those we don't favor so much.

The Love Guru

TP3000 you are such a w***er. There is no chance in hell that the drivers name would be displayed on an authority type card. Seriously, i can not believe you could be that stupid! There is a long and rewarding future for you in garbology!

Research your facts and stop posting s**t, you are really starting to p**s me off.


Quote from: Chris_Guru on August 25, 2009, 12:09:08 AMyou are really starting to p**s me off.

Only now???? God you must have alot of Paitence!!!!

Bus 400

I can't be trying hard enough.
But in Adelaide they have a name tag with their first name & driver ID, Perth have a similar system.

Irisbus Rider

Lets try to lay off a little, further outbursts like these will not be tolerated.....
But a reminder to you; 'TP 3000', only post rumours that have substance or an element of truth, other than posting something that is purely speculation, and nothing more than a rumour. If this ends up to be the case, then we'll all be proven wrong; until then, best not to be so outlandish.

An authority card for ACT bus drivers? Wow, certainly would be interesting. I'm curious if this is just an ACTION thing or for all ACT bus drivers.
As for the name on the card, seems highely unlikely, in NSW, they usually have a photo, and a code of some sort. Having your name would almost be an invasion of privacy. Although, it would be good to get in like with the rest of the country.

This makes me think, do Deanes drivers need an authority card? I don't recall seeing one.....perhaps I'm just having a mental blank.


I was talking to a driver today and he believes that there may be an element of truth to the authority card however names will not be displayed.

Apparently there is someone going around tuggies depot taking driver's license numbers

Bus 400

I do remember the Acting Northern Operations Manager saying at the info night that ACTION was looking into the cards.

But this same ex Perth bus driver also asked about the driver log books & that wasn't going to occur.


Don't know what the need is for them...isn't that what condition O is?

Barry Drive

It's not a rumour: it is happening.

The ACT Government will be introducing photographic authority cards for all public vehicle licence holders (this includes taxis). No info about what will be on them, but they are being issued by RTA, not ACTION, so if it includes a number it could be the driver's licence number and not their ACTION operator number. Those with interstate licences must use their interstate authority card as they won't be issued an ACT authority card.


Not sure why this prehistoric system is still in place and actually SPREADING to the ACT.

It should be attached to your drivers licence not a seperate system run by a seperate department. As long as you pass a working with children/criminal history, why should you need this? It's just making it harder/more complicated and time consuming for people trying to get into the job, and they wonder why people aren't interested in becoming drivers.


Sounds stupid if you ask me, they don't need this pathetic system.

Sir Pompously

I would like to see something like the new Brisbane licence system, which has a chip (Similar to a credit card). That way all the information could be displayed on the card in electronic form, and have no need to have seperate cards like the NSW system and what will eventually be ours.

Barry Drive

Quote from: Busnerd on January 29, 2010, 04:22:59 PM
It should be attached to your drivers licence not a seperate system run by a seperate department.
It is attached to the licence (part of the licence condition) and is not being run by a separate department.

The purpose of the photo ID is to enable passengers of the bus/taxi/hire car to be sure that the driver is in fact authorised to drive that vehicle. By making it a separate card only relevant information is on public display such as a photo and perhaps an ID number, name and expiry date.


Interstate coach drivers have the ID cards, what Martin is saying sounds logical. What is the big deal?


Yes NSW and VIC have it. The NSW system however is completely rooted, the MOT have no idea what they are doing, they issue cards to P plate drivers then tell people with MR licences that they have to wait til they are off their p's for twelve months to get them.

Not to mention countless other mistakes they make like issueing people taxi cards for bus drivers, the whole department needs to be audited!

Barry Drive

Here is the media release from TAMS regarding this.


Public vehicle drivers will be issued with new identity cards to display from 7 April 2010, the
Department of Territory and Municipal Services announced today.

The Public Vehicle Driver Authority Cards (PVDAC) will be distributed via registered post to all
public vehicle licence holders from Tuesday 16 March 2010. The photograph on the PVDAC
and expiry date will be the same as recorded for the driver's public vehicle driver licence.

"The cards are designed to provide a visual assurance for passengers who use public vehicles
that the driver is authorised by the Road Transport Authority (RTA) to drive," said Ms Karen
Greenland, General Manager, Transport Regulation and Planning.  "This means they are
properly licensed, medically fit and have had the appropriate police character checks. 

"Changes to the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2000 require all drivers of public
passenger vehicles – other than a restricted hire car driver – to prominently display a PVDAC
when operating a vehicle for hire or reward.  The cards are similar to those issued in other
Australian jurisdictions.

"The cards must be displayed in a prominent position so that any passenger can reasonably
see the information on the photo side.   

"Passengers will also be able to report a driver to the RTA on 13 22 81 if the card is not
displayed, by noting the company providing the service, the vehicle's registration and the time
of hiring."

Ms Greenland said that the PVDAC's have been implemented following a consultation process
which involved the Canberra Taxi Industry Association, both taxi networks, ACTION, the
Transport Workers Union and all bus and hire car operators.

Public vehicle drivers who are licensed in other jurisdictions will be permitted to drive in the
ACT, provided their interstate equivalent PVDAC is displayed.   

There are a range of penalties that apply for non-compliance with the requirements for the
PVDAC.  The offences relate to failure of drivers to display their PVDAC, the condition of the
card, producing the card on request of an authorised person and the surrender of a PVDAC
should the driver no longer be eligible to drive a public passenger vehicle.

Barry Drive

ACTION have started installing the card holders into the buses. Because the ACT cards are a different size to NSW, 2 holders are fitted to each bus.


Why is there two card holders for only one authority card?

Barry Drive

I just told you why.

Sir Pompously

I think being a little more civil would be the answer here, Martin. Just by reading the question you can see that there is more there, so I will ask as to why both holders are being fitted? The answer, well I believe someone mentioned (Possibly yourself) on the tour that NSW Authorities could be used in the ACT, however the same does not apply for ACT to NSW.

Barry Drive

The TAMS media release also mentioned this. Which is why I assumed it was understood that NSW cards could be used.
It does make me wonder whether equivalent cards exist in other states.


Ok that explains it, that nsw cards can be used here too, I had assume you meant two act sized holders were installed which made no sense.

Barry Drive

This is what happens when you post from a mobile phone. Reading it again I can see that my statement was a little too brief. I should have said something like - "2 different sized holders are fitted". But too late now.

Bus 400

Spotted the ID card & holders today. The ACT driver cards are the same size as normal driver licences, but are purple. There is another card holder similar to the NSW card holders.

Buzz Killington


Every bus in the fleet has them guys...

Buzz Killington

I was referring to an actual authority card, not the holder.


Yeah, if the driver isn't displaying it they are in breach of the law

Barry Drive

As was expected, while remembering to display their cards, drivers are forgetting to remove them. The starters office at Belconnen is building up quite a collection of unclaimed cards.