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Started by rubaisport, October 24, 2009, 09:45:55 AM

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can obtain statistics for the ACTION bus system? I require several stats like number of passengers taking a trip each day and the total distance covered by the entire fleet in a day. I'm currently doing an assignment on a proposal for an alternate public transport system.

I sent an email to ACTION yesterday morning but did not get a reply. But this site was been quite helpful.

Any help is much appreciated.

Buzz Killington

I have a feeling I've seen the passenger loading statistics online at some point, but I wasn't able to locate them on a Google search.

You should get a reply from ACTION, but generally unless you have direct contacts, you can expect to wait a week or two for a response while it finds its way to the appropriate person to answer it for you.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions or info that you need, feel free to post and we'll help with whatever we can :)

Bus 400

When it was ACTION Authority they were more open, but now it is under TAMS a lot less detail is released.

However search for the TAMS Annual Reports & you can still find the Annual Reports for ACTION. They show passenger numbers & break it down to Adult/Student/etc.

TAMS Annual Reports can be found at With the ACTION part being found in Volume 2 Page 151. I forget where I found the old ACTION Authority Annual Reports. I suspect they have been deleted from the public system.


Thanks for your help. That annual report was quite handy. I have found this website quite interesting so I will return soon once ive finished this assignment. Also, no reply from ACTION yet.

Buzz Killington

It'll be interesting to hear what they come back to you with!


Finally got a reply from ACTION here is what they sent

Quote* We currently provide 2,893 services each weekday. On Saturdays we schedule 933 services and 612 on Sundays.
* In October the fleet has travelled a total of 1,545,485 in service kilometres.
* In 2008/09 ACTION recorded 17,568,427 boardings.
* ACTION currently has 403 vehicles including 10 new vehicles soon to be put to service.

I'm not quite sure how many days they count as 'in October'

Bus 400

They count all 27 days, in 2012 they count 28 days