Bus Driver - The Game

Started by Buzz Killington, June 04, 2010, 10:19:57 PM

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Buzz Killington


It's a few years old now, but this was one of the games on the new laptop I got last week.

Basically, you drive a pre-determined route, stopping where necessary to pick up and set down passengers. You lose points for breaking road rules, crashing and scaring your passengers by braking too hard. You can score points by driving carefully, using indicators and following your timetable and the road rules.

There's only the outside view, so there's no real interaction with passengers as such, but its quite a fun little timewaster.


It is a pretty fun game to play, I tried the demo and I enjoyed it. :) Wish I could find the full copy

Buzz Killington

There are several links on the site posted above to a BUY page for the full version


There is another Bus Sim, not to sure what it is like but downloading (317mb) demo.


To download visit the link below and click on the demo ticket which will  take you to the megaupload site.

Buzz Killington

Let us know what it's like, Bidgee.


Ah, Bus Driver. I think I lost a month of my life to that last year (tragic, yes). I kept losing points for lane sharing around corners because I think it thought I was turning from the wrong lane.