What Can Be Done To Build A World Class Public Transport System In Canberra Deba

Started by Bus 400, June 16, 2010, 09:13:05 PM

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Bus 400

Quote from: The Canberra Times Today Section Wednesday 16 June 2010
Transport Debate
A PUBLIC forum to discuss what can be done to build a world class public transport system in Canberra (was) on today at 5:45pm at the Legislative Assembly. The forum, convened by the ACT Greens & the Conservation Council, will discuss the future of public transport in Canberra & cover the relationships between transport & planning, & the steps government can take to improve the modal sare of public transport. It will also discuss if Canberra has the density for effective public transport. RMIT transport & statutory planning senior lecture Paul Mees will speak. He is an expert on urban public transport & recently released a book: Transport for Suburbia: Beyond the Automobile Age