New Deanes Ticket System

Started by Bus 400, January 02, 2011, 10:02:54 PM

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Bus 400

According to the Deanes website (, they are updating their ticketing system.


Tickets are issued for all fares paid. Please retain tickets until the end of your journey. An inspector may board a bus at any time to check tickets. When boarding the bus always advise the driver of your final destination. Although you may be required to change buses at Queanbeyan Interchange to complete the journey, through ticketing is offered to all passengers. This means that you do not have to pay the "flag fall" component of the fare on the second bus boarded, just so long as you get on the next available service from the interchange and you have retained your original ticket.

Deane's Buslines wishes to inform all our valued customers that we are replacing our old ticketing systems with more modern and up to date units to serve you better.

As part of this process we ask that all current holders of Deane's Discount Cards present them to our office during office hours at 11 Bass St Queanbeyan, to transfer any existing credit to the new system or to redeem the $11.00 deposit if the card is no longer required.

If this is not convenient, you can obtain an exchange form from your bus driver and post your card back, together with the completed form and an $11.00 deposit to PO Box 6066, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620. We will transfer your existing credit to a new card and post it to you.

As a part of this process we have made some changes to our ticketing to create more great travel incentives for our passengers;

We have changed some of our fare prices to create a harmonised fare scale across the Deane's Transit Group, now you can travel anywhere on a bus owned by the Deane's Transit Group with one card and pay the same fare for distance travelled.

We have increased the discount received by purchasing a return ticket with your DDC card to over 20%.

Download an application for the new Deane's Discount Card here . (60kb PDF) (
Download an application for the new Transborder Express Discount Card here . (60kb PDF) (

More information about our discount card . (

To view the current discount fare schedule applicable to all Deane's bus services, visit our fares and sections page. (
To view the current discount fare schedule applicable to Transborder bus services click here . (

I wonder if this change might have something to do with ACTION's MyWay system & if both systems might be integrated.

Barry Drive

Old news. Deanes have had their new ticket system (Circuitlink International) in place for some time now.


It has been almost 18 months now...


Yes that is the info they put up for their now current system, it was replacing the old wayfarer system with as above the new circuitlink one.