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Started by AOQ951, June 21, 2011, 11:14:24 AM

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G'day Everyone,

I have been going through the forum (enjoying the good read) and see that some withdrawn Renaults at Woden Depot maybe scrapped for parts sometime in the future. Does any member here know of anyone within Action who might be approachable with a request of being able to purchase a destination box and roll from a Renault PR100.2 and an Ansair badge??

This could also be a chance for a few of the members here (and maybe for the Retired Drivers Group) to get together and maybe purchase a few bits and pieces and do it as a group lot.

I saw as well someone here is looking to acquire a bus in the same fashion the Tasmanian guys did - I'd be definitely interested in how this goes, especially if I end up moving to the ACT in the not too distant future.  8)


P.S Hope my 1st post wasn't too painful or too unrealistic :)

Sir Pompously

With the destination request, I was lucky enough to acquire a roll only during my work experience, they helped me out in getting an unused 1994 roll. You can always ask, but these days management/office admin staff do not have much to do directly with the workshops and depot, when I was there it was at ACTION House next to Tuggeranong Workshops.

With preserving vehicles, we currently have 670 and 661. 670 is painted in to mkII refurb livery, while 661 is currently undergoing a slow restoration in Sydney (When myself and a few others can align time off to work on her). 675 should be coming up for grabs shortly, and being the first Renault PR100.2 for ACTION it would be good to get. However funds of willing parties will need to be acquired before anything will go ahead.


Those Renaults currently stored at Woden Depot are all destined for scrap after removal of valuaBLE BITS SUCH AS RECONDITIONED engines.

But there should be more drifting into Woden over coming weeks which (subject to Directorate approval) will be open to bidders.\

Appears Renault fleet phase out will be a 5 year program, with first of the artics to go in about 13 months time, subject to delivery of the first of the new artic fleet around that time.


Cool, so that would be 40 - 50 new vehicles per year when replacements kick off??

If that is the case, plenty of reasonably good 2nd hand buses and parts coming up for grabs  :D

I might hold off then and watch what unfolds. Plenty of time and plenty of buses at this stage.

Thanx for the feedback.