Action on real-time passenger information for Canberra buses

Started by Buzz Killington, July 04, 2011, 05:56:50 PM

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Buzz Killington

Development of a real-time passenger information system, that will provide the travelling public with instant timetable information for ACTION bus services is underway, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Simon Corbell, announced today.

Mr Corbell said the system will provide the community with instant information via the internet, mobile phones, touch screen displays and on bus visual displays.

"The ACT government remains committed to improving the delivery of public transport services to the Canberra community," Mr Corbell said.
"The Government has allocated $12.5 million in last year's budget, over the next three years, to allow for the design and roll out of a real time passenger information system for use on ACTION buses in Canberra.

"This new and innovative system will monitor the location of all ACTION buses during operation and provide instant information to passengers in relation to its current location and an estimated arrival time to its next stop. Digital displays will also be installed at major bus stations and other selected stops.

"It is also expected that the system will interface with Canberra's traffic signals allowing buses to be given priority as appropriate to ensure on-time running."

The ACT Government has engaged consultants KEMA Pty Ltd, who have a demonstrated experience in the delivery of innovative transport solutions, to manage the implementation of real time passenger information.

"The first phase of this project involves the detailed design of specifications for the system, which is now underway," Mr Corbell said.

"Currently there is no live service available for the public to provide information about whether their bus service is running to schedule, and the Government is aware this is a source of frustration to many ACTION customers.

"Bus stop time arrivals can be affected by a number of external factors such as road conditions, traffic delays and congestion, accidents and weather conditions, but real-time passenger information will help address this problem of not having a reason why a particular service has not arrived or is running late."

Mr Corbell said a request for tender for the supply, installation and on-going maintenance of the system is expected at the end of the year. Installation of real time passenger information is expected for 2012 with the system becoming fully operational by 2013.

Bus 400

Since the tender for ACTION's Real Time Information has been opened, why not have a look at what is on offer in Cairns at

Barry Drive

Chief Minister has announced that Trapeze Austrics Pty Ltd has been selected to design, supply and install the real-time system. Trapeze has been involved in projects in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich, Chicago, Singapore and London.

Implementation will commence this month with the system being fully operational by 2013.


Pity this system won't address the issue of improving connections between services.

Buzz Killington

According to the link, the in-bus screen will display connections which will go some way towards improving things.


Quote from: Buzz Killington on January 18, 2013, 09:58:09 PM
According to the link, the in-bus screen will display connections which will go some way towards improving things.

Yes, that'll go some way....but they could always show them in on-line and hard copy timetables as well. Not rocket science - they could manage it 30 years ago.


Is this the same system that was installed on the early MAN's during the 200 trial or different again?

Barry Drive

Quote from: ajw373 on January 19, 2013, 06:54:03 PM
Is this the same system that was installed on the early MAN's during the 200 trial or different again?
Different - that system ran off the desto code and a GPS. It did not provide any estimate of when the bus will arrive at its next stop.

The new system will not only know where the bus is currently on the route, but will be able to calculate how early/late it is and regularly update those details back to a central server. At which point that information can be accessed by the internet / phone apps and displays at bus stations.

A display screen will be fitted to all buses in the fleet (approximately 430 according to the press release).

Barry Drive

A new tender (15419.315) appeared on the Procurement website: "SELECT: NXTBUS Real Time Passenger Information System". The tenderer was Ecowise Services.

No additional information available. I assume this is for the installation of the bus stop displays, or does it perhaps include the on-bus equipment too?