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Started by Kramden, August 06, 2011, 06:10:42 PM

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There must be a bus load of worthy and/or unusual navigation points along the various routes of ACTION's network. As ACTbusspotter mentioned elsewhere: "the house in Gordon with the 2 railed fence".

One that I like is the 'Kangaroos on Mirrabei Dr Amaroo' when turning right into Paul Coe Cres.

Hoping that others will contribute their particular favourite nav points to this thread.


I can't think of any cos I haven't looked at left/rights for years :)


I suppose I'll be able to say that too in a few years.  However, as a newbie I'll need to consult the Ls & Rs for some time yet.  Except for some of the local runs nearby my place, e.g. 13, 14, 15, 45, etc.

Barry Drive

Some others: the post box on Copland Dr before the turn into Ashkanasy St; the bunker shelter in Kambah - turn left into Vanstittart (?) BEFORE the shelter; in La Perouse St, you turn right into Golden Grove after the traffic island.


The teal coloured house before Jenolan St. (or is it Parsley St?)


Yep, Parsley St 'Teal House/Timber Fence'.  Rte 58 through Harrison.  Thanks Ed.

Buzz Killington

Quote from: ACTbusspotter on August 06, 2011, 07:32:18 PM
the bunker shelter in Kambah - turn left into Vanstittart (?) BEFORE the shelter

Vansittart. And only if you're doing a 62. If you're on the 60, keep on going!


All time classic:- the armco crash barrier in Kambah East for right turn on the No 62 northbound.


The stand-out nav points (such is the case with the two railed trellis at Gordon) seem most helpful when travelling along unfamiliar streets while you're counting down X amount of lefts or rights, say four or more.  I imagine it's easy to loose count if you've got big load on, or if it's dark/raining.


Isn't there a red house on the 58 somewhere?

The Love Guru

Doing a 9 inbound, Reid, Right turn into Euree street, once you see the post box you have to turn before it. This one is easy to miss as it is extremely dark in that area.
4 Southbound, left into Caley Cres look for the bus stop which is actually unserviced during the week and turn just before it.
6 Sotuhbound, left into Monaro from Arthur Circle, turn at the old school bus shelter.
21/22/23/24 can be confusing too as a few of streets look very similar when you are on them. I always remembered that you turn or dont at the shops in Pearce i think it is. This route is still a pain in the ass due to weekends being different.
25 Cooleman bound, turning right from Burrinjuck into Wyangla, you see what i think was an old terminus style loop on the right side of the road, once passing this it is the next right.
Route 30/932, the only bus that travels straight past the first canopus on chuculba is the belconnen bound 30. Rest turn left.
61, if you turn right from Erindale into Judkins then you turn right into Newman Morriss as well. Obviously if you turn left you turn left again.
63 South, left from Clive Steele into Baraclough look for the painted island on the road.
67 North, turn from Heagney into Louisa Lawson, you have to pass the school and the underpass then turn right.

Hmmmm, i know i have heaps more, but they are so automatic it is hard to think of them. The main thing is to be prepared for inner Canberra workings at night, street lighting is extremely poor and that is where you will have the most difficulty. That, and school runs, which the left rights are very basic.

If you are ever stuck, just ask some of the drivers (floaters/spares are best). Try and avoid the older guys as they only seem to know where their runs go.


Relying on bunker locations as navigation points can be a bit dodgy these days, with so many bunkers being relocated. New traffic light installations (eg as on Baldwin) can throw you a bit too.

Barry Drive

Another one: route 2/932/732 through Curtin towards City, turn left into Throssell St immediately after the bus stop with the canopy roof.